Americas Challenge

Eveleth, Minnesota

Nov. 28 - 30, 2019

The Americas Challenge to determine which countries will compete in the 2020 Women's World Championship and 2020 World Men's Championship representing the Americas Zone will take place at Curl Mesabi. There are two berths available for the Americas Zone with Canada already securing one for each event based on a higher finish at the Men's World Championship and due to Canada serving as host country for the 2020 World Women's Championship (USA women finished higher than Canada in 2019). Brazil, Mexico and the United States will compete for the berths.

Live scores on CurlingZone (incorporated with Curl Mesabi Classic).

Draw schedule



Brazil: Marcelo Mello, Michael Krahenbuhl, Scott McMullan, Filipe Nunes, Ricardo Losso

Mexico: Diego Tompkins, Ramy Cohen Masri, Ismael Abreu Saro, Mateo Tompkins

USA: Rich Ruohonen, Greg Persinger, Colin Hufman, Phil Tilker, Tyler George


Brazil:Anne Shibuya, Luciana Barrella, Alessandra Barros, Isis Oliveira

Mexico: Adriana Camarena Osorno, Angelica Perez Anzures, Estefana Quintero Torres, Monica Tompkins

USA: Tabitha Peterson, Becca Hamilton, Tara Peterson, Aileen Geving, Natalie Nicholson