New curlers are vital to curling clubs across the United States.  They show that your efforts to grow our great sport of curling are fruitful, they bring an energy to a club that older curlers sometime forget exists and they deserve all the help you can give them as they begin their journey as a new curler in your club.  That is why USA Curling and Goldline Curling Supplies are very pleased to offer your NEW curling club members a new program called “My First Curling Broom”! We think it’s a great way to show your THANKS to your newest club members.

The details are simple. 

  1. Any new curler in your club is eligible for a 25% discount on ANY new Goldline Curling Supplies curling broom.(An entry level Goldline Curling Supplies broom is listed as $56.58 in their newest product catalog BEFORE the discount.)
  2. Your new club curler will be included in the list of all new club curlers that your club treasurer will provide to us via excel spreadsheet sent to
  3. Excel Format {first name, last name, email, curling club}
  4. When we get the list, we will return to you digital download codes for each new curler on your list.You, then, give each new curler the unique code, perhaps in a “Thanks for trying curling” thank you note and, in turn, your new club curler can redeem the code online at
  5. PLEASE NOTE:There are only 2,000 codes available on a first-come/first-served basis for the 2019-20 curling season.IF we get a request for codes that exceeds 2,000 we will look at a hard deadline for use of the distributed codes and any codes not redeemed by that deadline will be canceled/redistributed to the waiting list.

Download a printable flyer from Goldline/USA Curling here. Please print and pin to your bulletin board to highlight the program.  We are proud to be able to team with Goldline to offer you this program to your new curlers and as a USCA Member Club, we hope you are proud to offer it too!