An eight-ender occurs when a team scores eight points in a single end of curling. Like a hole-in-one in golf, it may be a once-in-a-lifetime event! To acknowledge this moment, the American Curling Foundation & Museum has developed an eight-ender patch that is awarded to all teams that submit proof of this accomplishment to USA Curling.

In order for you and your teammates to receive an eight-ender patch, there is a quick and easy procedure to follow, which can be viewed on the online form here. 

Send two photos of the eight-ender, preferably with the members of the team and an explanation including the date, place, event, and team roster. The team roster should be identified as shown in the photo, left to right, by name and position played on the team.

Please include contact information (mailing address, phone number, and email) for the team contact person. Patches will be mailed to this address. In addition, a short description of the eight-ender, including any interesting facts, should be submitted. All eight-enders are registered with the American Curling Foundation & Museum and an acknowledgement published in the U.S. Curling News.

Please feel free to contact Shane Stein for questions about this program. 


Eight-ender scored by the Jason Brien Rink at the Utica Curling Club in October 2011.