To create awareness about opportunities to try the sport, arena curlers must reach out to the broader community.  Members of arena clubs have participated in parades and festivals, passed out flyers at sporting events, presented to local community groups, managed social networking campaigns, and worked to attract local press coverage. To reach the broadest possible audience, clubs should consider using a combination of marketing approaches to get the word out. Consistency in message and other details across communication platforms is of key importance. For example, posting a club email (e.g., on all outreach materials not only helps keep confusion about who to contact to a minimum, it can make a good first impression.

Since much behind-the-scenes work goes into starting a club, a core group of dedicated individuals is needed to see the project through. Letting the public know about this effort well before the first curling event is scheduled may help attract community members with curling experience (e.g., Canadian ex-pats, retirees from Northern states) or others with helpful skills (e.g., website design, organizational abilities) to assist with the project. Early marketing efforts can also help clubs build a database of contacts. These contacts can be invaluable when moving forward with recruiting events. More information about marketing efforts can be found in the resources below. 

Additional Resources:

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