One of the largest upfront expenses for any new arena-based curling club will be stones. Stones are sold in sets of 16, enough for a single game. However, to make curling financially viable in most skating arenas, clubs will typically need access to three or four sets. Stones can be purchased directly from USA Curling, several vendors in the United States and Canada, or other curling clubs seeking to sell used equipment. USA Curling can connect you with your region’s club development officer to help determine whether any stones are available for sale or rental within your curling area. Links to stone vendors can be found below.

In addition to stones, clubs need to acquire a number of items before they are ready to curl. To start off with, clubs will need portable hacks, brooms, sliders/grippers, a pebble can, and possibly a string mop. Other equipment, such as stone storage units, rock box/scraper, measuring sticks, and scoreboards, are nice to have, but not absolutely necessary. Clubs will also need to mark the houses and other important lines in the ice through painting, laying down vinyl decals, or scribing the ice.  More information about equipment and ice preparation can be found the resources below.

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