Starting a curling club is a challenging and rewarding process. It takes time, resources, and commitment. The result, however, can be many years of participation in a family-friendly, lifetime sport in your community.

While the experience of developing a curling club differs for each group, several areas that all individuals embarking on this process should consider include: knowledge of curling, access to ice, equipment, marketing, recruiting events, and leagues.  We encourage you to use the links on this page to explore each of these topics. While the process is not the same for everyone, the information provided should give you a sense of the key areas that you should consider when deciding on whether to proceed.

In addition to reading through this information, it is important to connect with people in the curling community during. USA Curling can help you connect with experienced curlers in your region of the country who can answer questions about this process. Contact USA Curling with inquiries. 

Members of the Long Island Curling Club, an arena club curling in New York