It is an exciting period of growth for curling in the United States. During the 2012-13 season, four dedicated curling facilities with a total of 22 sheets of ice were completed. The 2013-14 season has already seen ribbon cuttings for the new Norfolk facility and the Fort Wayne Curling Club. Building efforts are also underway in states such as California and Ohio.

USA Curling is currently working to collect information to help clubs seeking to build based on two general approaches, building a new structure and retrofitting an existing structure. While those efforts are underway, a number of relevant documents have been posted below. Contact Steve O'Keefe with questions.

World Curling Federation

The documents below outline the WCF Curling Rink Loan Program. The program provides support of up to $50,000 per sheet interest free. Repayment begins at the 3rd anniversary of the loan, which is then paid in full over the next 7 years.  All clubs interested in this program must contact the United States Curling Association, as loans are made through the USCA. Early applications are highly encouraged.

Examples from the United States

U.S. Curling News

Potomac Curling Club: This presentation provides a solid overview of the experience the Potomac Curling Club had building a four-sheet club in the early 2000s.

Wausau Curling Club: Examples of fund-raising materials and design plan used for the new eight-sheet club (opened in 2012).

Conceptual Models

Dome Construction: While USA Curling is unaware of any existing facility using this model, architect D. Thomas Kincaid suggests the benefits of thin shell monolithic concrete construction for curling clubs includes energy efficiency, wind resistance, and cost of construction.

World Curling Federation: Check out the WCF website for information on a design for a portable curling rink,