Participants can start learning the game while wearing warm clothes that are easy to move in and rubber-soled sneakers. However, those who continue with the sport are encouraged to purchase a pair of curling shoes or slider, broom, and possibly a stabilizer or delivery stick.

Shoes/Slider: Curling shoes have a special sliding surface made of Teflon on the bottom of one shoe and a soft rubber sole called a gripper on the bottom of the other. Curlers who do not wish to invest in a pair of curling shoes or are of an age where their feet are still growing, often purchase a slider. The slider, which is typically made of Teflon, can be worn with rubber-soled sneakers and comes in step-on and strap-on varieties.

Broom: Brooms used to sweep the ice are specially made for curlers. Broom heads, also known as brush heads, are either made of synthetic materials, hog hair, or horse hair.

Stabilizer: The stabilizer is often used in lieu of a broom while delivering the stone and can help new curlers with balance.

Delivery stick: The delivery stick allows curlers to deliver the stone from a standing-up or sitting position. This device is used by Paralympians and other wheelchair curlers, as well as many individuals who are unable to use the traditional sliding delivery.

Stop Watch: Some curlers use a stop-watch to time the speed of the stones as they travel down the ice. This helps experienced curlers gain an understanding of how far stones are likely to travel. 

Stones: Curling stones are made of granite quarried in Scotland and Wales. Full size curling stones weigh approximately 42lbs, with smaller stones available in some clubs for use by youth curlers.

Curling Supplies: Equipment can be purchased online through vendors throughout the United States. Some curling clubs also have a supply of equipment for sale.