2016 USA Canoe/Kayak Barton Bantams

Jan. 30, 2017, 11:18 a.m. (ET)

Congratulations to the athletes who completed the 2016 Barton Bantams Fall Kilometer Challenge! Every Fall since 2007, the youngest paddlers in the U.S. are encouraged to dedicate six consecutive weeks to paddling as many kilometers as possible. The six-week block may occur any time between the end of the USA Canoe/Kayak Sprint National Championships and December 31st. Some club coaches promote this as a challenge for their whole team while other athletes strive to meet these goals on their own with parent supervision. No matter how they work to log the kilometers, reaching one of the Barton Bantams kilometer standards is always a commendable feat for these young paddlers.

Thirty-five of the bantam athletes from across the U.S. who participated in the challenge achieved distance standards this year. Most notably, Colin McMullen (OKCRS) achieved the Platinum (600km) standard in men’s kayak and set the new all-time overall Barton Bantams record by paddling a total of 1,060km. To fit additional kilometers into his already busy freshman schedule Colin paddled nearly all of his 1,060km over the course of forty-two 20km or greater sessions. Without a single day off of the water for 6 weeks, two-a-day paddles were gradually added on weekends and before school to round out his record-breaking effort.

In a similarly impressive effort, Sierra Noskoff from Bellingham set a new record for women’s kayak by paddling 1,009.3km this last Spring. Walker Peck (LCKC) also achieved the platinum standard in men’s kayak with exactly 600km and was the first athlete from Lanier to do so since the Platinum standard was established in 2014. Natalie Brunson and Paige Farley-Klacik (LCKC) paddled alongside one another the whole way (and once a week in C2) to set the new women’s canoe record with 310.5km. Paul Chevallier (SDCKT) still holds the record in Men’s Canoe with his 618km total from 2014.

Of all the athletes who accumulated enough kilometers to achieve standards, two athletes reached the Gold (400km) standard, six reached the Silver (300km) standard, 13 made it to the Bronze (200km) standard. In addition, 9 athletes born in 2004 or later reached the new Pre-bantam Iron standard (100km). A full list of athletes recognized for these achievements can be found below.

The SCA Board of Directors would like to recognize these athletes for their outstanding achievement. Bantams who spend a lot of time on the water racking up in kilometers in the Fall will reap benefits including increased endurance, better balance, ample time to improve technique, and a real sense of strength, accomplishment, and mental focus going into winter training. Encouraging Bantams to set goals and dedicate themselves during the Barton Bantams Challenge is an excellent way to keep Bantams engaged and motivated after Nationals each year. We hope that more clubs will participate in the challenge this Fall and we can’t wait to see who the next record-breakers will be!

Please watch for information and guidelines regarding the 2017 Season of the Barton Bantams Fall Kilometer Challenge in late-Spring.


Colin McMullen (2002 - Men’s Kayak, OKCRS) - 1,060km

Sierra Noskoff (2002 - Women’s Kayak, BCKT) - 1,009.3km*

Walker Peck (2002 - Men's Kayak, LCKC) - 600km


Lucas Pitts (2003 - Men's Kayak, LCKC) - 414.5km

Allen Marsh (2003 - Men's Kayak, LCKC) - 400km


Natalie Brunson (2002 - Women's Canoe, LCKC) - 310.5km

Paige Farley-Klacik (2002 - Women's Canoe, LCKC) - 310.5km

Kalen Oliveira (2002 - Men's Kayak, LCKC) - 300km

Nate Boyd (2003 - Men's Kayak, LCKC) - 302km

Jonathan Ross (2002 - Men's Canoe, LCKC) - 302km

Caleb Copper (2002 - Men's Canoe, LCKC) - 300km


Allison Martin (2003 - Women's Kayak, LCKC) - 279km

Jackson Hickerson (2002 - Men's Kayak, LCKC) - 274km

Ethan Skarda (2002 - Men's Kayak, LCKC) - 269.5km

Ethan Deppe (2002 - Men's Kayak, LCKC) - 236.5km

Leo Malmberg (2005 - Men’s Kayak, Cascade) - 233.5km

Grace Valentine (2002 - Women’s Kayak, OKCRS) - 229.6km

Ian Haack (2002 - Men's Canoe, LCKC) - 228.5km

Ofilia Mitchell (2004 - Women's Kayak, LCKC) - 217.5km

Jackson Hutton (2002 - Men's Kayak, LCKC) - 205km

Susanna Ross (2004 - Women's Kayak, LCKC) - 201.5km

Noah Clay (2006 - Men's Kayak, LCKC) - 201.5km

Brock Harris (2002 - Men's Kayak, LCKC) - 201km

Jacob Dickson (2003 - Men's Canoe, LCKC) - 201km

IRON (New Pre-bantam Standard for 2016):

Chloe Mcfeeters (2005 - Women's Kayak, OKCRS) - 179km

Sammy Hartman (2004 - Women's Kayak, LCKC) - 175.5km

Haylie Ramsey (2004 - Women's Kayak, LCKC) - 174.5km

Pierce Haynes (2005 - Men's Kayak, LCKC) - 128km

Sullivan Daniel (2005 - Men's Kayak, LCKC) - 122km

Seth Oakley (2005 - Men's Kayak, LCKC) - 116.5km

Reagan Liles (2007 - Women's Kayak, OKCRS) - 116km

Andrew Waters (2004 - Men's Canoe, LCKC) - 102km

Ella Early (2005 - Women's Kayak, LCKC) - 100.5km

*Out of season record. Regular Barton Bantams season is between the end of USACK Sprint Nationals and December 31st of that year