Sprint Updates

Jan. 18, 2017, 11:11 a.m. (ET)

Sprint High Performance and Sprint National Team Coach Positions:

The funding for hiring an Interim High Performance Director and an Interim National Team Coach finished January 1st 2017 and with the unlikelihood of significant funding forthcoming from the USOC or any other source immediately apparent, the 2017 Sprint Racing Season will require a lot of commitment from the USA Canoe / Kayak community and its volunteers. This will require patience from athletes, parents and coaches alike as we continue to do the best we can every day with the limited resources at our disposal.   ACA Staff and USACK volunteers are working hard to plan for the spring and summer race season.  We would like to thank the Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation for funding part of the Sprint program in 2016.


The future of USA Canoe/Kayak and its National Teams needs the support of the entire USACK community and it is our hope that alternative funding can be secured to continue the work started in 2016 running through 2017 and up to the 2020 Games and beyond. If anyone in the sprint community has ideas on funding sources not only for crucial coaching/team leader positions but especially for National Team Athlete support please do not hesitate to contact us.


If you would like to make a donation, that goes directly to USACK’s Sprint Program, please click here: https://memberusack.site-ym.com/donations/donate.asp?id=12746

Olympic Development Program (ODP) update:

The Olympic Development Program (ODP) National Teams have been announced and certain ODP athletes especially Elite and A Team have received coaching and guidance from National Team Coach both by communication and by direct contact at the Frost Bite and Sunburn Camps held in Seattle and San Diego. It is hoped that we will be in a position to start assisting certain ODP Elite and A Team Athletes book flights to World Cups and JR and U23 Worlds in February which it is hoped will allow significant savings to athletes traveling to Europe this year.

2017 Sprint Coaches Association (SCA) Directors

After a competitive voting process managed by Missy Hill the 2017 Sprint Coaches Association Directors are Aasim Saleh (Chair), Kalen Lee Scholz (Vice chair), Marsh Jones, Zolt Szadovszki, and Mia Overton. The SCA meets monthly by conference call and decides on Sprint Selection Criteria, appoints a Sprint Selection Committee, decides when to conduct National Team Camps, provides for feedback from the clubs and club coaches to the High Performance Director and National Team Coach, has input into venue selection, officials and club and athlete support and also appoints sub working groups to work on varied topics such as Coaching Education and bylaws review. The SCA will be working on approving the Senior World Cup and Senior World Championship Selection criteria and approving a Junior World Championship Head Coach/Team leader position announcement on its next call. As always the Directors welcome your questions and suggestions which can be communicate through your club coach.

2017 Sprint Officials Association (SOA) Directors

USA Canoe Kayak Officials also held re- elections for the 2017 racing season with the following officials being elected:  Northeast Director - Scotty Griefenberger, Southeast Director - Kalyn Smith, Central Director - Melissa Baker, Southwest Director- Amanda Ballard, Northwest Director - Tami Oki .

2017 Sprint Club Presidents Association

The first step in forming a Club Presidents Association was taken with a conference call involving all Club Presidents held in Late November 2016 with a view to formulating a set of bylaws and arranging regular meetings to share best practices and encourage the formation of new clubs along with strengthening our existing clubs.