USA Boxing

Colorado Springs, Colo. (June 11, 2020) – USA Boxing was made aware by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) on March 6, 2020 that Team USA boxer Virginia Fuchs (Houston, Texas) had trace amounts of two banned substances detected in her urine sample during an out-of-competition drug test.  
Fuchs initially had no idea how the two substances entered her body.  The levels detected were in the parts per trillion range, making contamination one potential explanation.  A full USADA investigation ensued with complete cooperation from Fuchs.  Fuchs discovered that her boyfriend had purchased the two banned substances and was taking them without her knowledge while they engaged in unprotected sex.  Additional evidentiary items presented by Fuchs were provided to support Fuchs’ defense.  Further, the two products containing each banned substance, respectively, were obtained and analyzed at a WADA-accredited laboratory by USADA, and corroborated the therapeutic doses used by Fuchs boyfriend. USADA’s Science team also consulted with outside scientific experts to verify the scientific credibility that contamination by way of unprotected sex could be a source of transmission based on the specific set of circumstances as presented by Fuchs.  Upon completion of its investigation, USADA determined that the totality of the facts demonstrated that unprotected sex was more likely than not the source of the two banned substances detected in Fuchs’s urine.  For this reason, USADA determined that no period of ineligibility and a sanction of “No Fault” was the proper outcome in Fuchs’s case. 
“I am very relieved that USADA understood how unique my case was in giving me a no fault that allows me to resume my career immediately.  I had no idea that I could become contaminated by way of intimate contact with another person.  I want to thank USA Boxing for believing in me and supporting me throughout these past few difficult months.” 
USA Boxing stands as a strong partner with USADA for clean sport.  It fully supports USADA’s finding in this very unique case which led to the “no fault” finding.  USA Boxing will not have any further comments regarding Ms. Fuchs’s matter.