2013 USA Boxing National Championships FAQ

March 22, 2013, 11:45 a.m. (ET)

As everyone is aware, the 2013 USA Boxing National Championships will feature several new rule changes. This FAQ will clarify and further explain some of the new and existing rules so you know what to expect at the tournament. 


There will be a mandatory general weigh in on Sunday, March 31 at 4 p.m., for all boxers competing in the tournament. In order for a boxer to be placed in the draw, he or she must make weight in their assigned division at the general weigh-in. This new rule has been added to better reflect what athletes will see at the international level. Should you wish to alter your weight division from what you registered online at, you may do so on site before the close of registration. No weight changes will be allowed after 2 p.m. on Sunday, March 31. 

Physicals will now take place prior to the athlete stepping on the scale. Should a boxer be deemed unfit to box by the physician, he or she will not be able to compete. This change has been made to bring USA Boxing in accordance with the AIBA process. 

Will I be able to change my weight division if I’m over my registered weight at the general weigh-in?
No, all athletes must make the weight at which they have registered prior to the general weigh-in. If a boxer is overweight when they step on the scale, they will be disqualified from the tournament.

Do I have more than one chance to step on the scale?

No, you must be on weight the first time you step on the scale both at the general weigh-in and the subsequent weigh-ins throughout the week. Boxers will no longer have a two-hour period to lose weight. There will only be one opportunity to step on the scale.

Do I have to be the same exact weight throughout the week?

No, as long as you fall within your weight classification, you will be fine. You don’t need to weigh the exact same throughout the week.

Can I have any facial hair?

No, boxers must be clean-shaven, no beards and mustaches will be allowed.

Gloves and velpeau

All boxers will wear gloves provided by USA Boxing, and will not be allowed to wear their own gloves in the ring.  Boxers may pick up their gloves at the gloving table where their hand wraps will be checked. Gauze and tape is no longer allowed, only velpeau will be approved. The velpeau may not be longer than 4.5 (14.76 feet) meters and not shorter than 2.5 meters (8.2 feet) and must be no wider than 5.7 cm (2 ¼ inches )wide. USA Boxing will be selling velpeau at registration and boxers may wear the same velpeau throughout the week if they’d like. One strip of tape going once around the wrist will be permitted. One inch tape will be available for sale at registration as well. 

What size gloves will I box in?

In the men’s elite division, boxers in the light flyweight through light welterweight classes, will compete in ten ounce gloves. The men’s elite boxers in the welterweight through super heavyweight divisions will box in 12 ounce gloves.

In all other divisions, boxers in every weight class will compete in ten ounce gloves.


Headgear will be prohibited in the men’s elite division only. Boxers in all other divisions, including the men’s and women’s youth division, women’s elite division and men’s senior division will be required to wear headgear. Only AIBA and USA Boxing headgear may be used in competition.

Can I wear my own headgear?

No, you may not wear your own headgear even if it USA Boxing and/or AIBA approved. Only USA Boxing provided headgear will be allowed at the 2013 USA Boxing National Championships. Boxers will pick up their headgear at the gloving table with their gloves.


No tape will be permitted anywhere on a boxer’s uniform, including tape used to secure the back of the jersey. There must be a contrasting waistband to differentiate the jersey from the trunks. Tape may not be used to create the contrasting waistband.


Every athlete must present a current USA Boxing passbook at registration to be entered into the general weigh-in. Should an athlete wish to change their weight division, they must do so before the close of registration at 2 p.m. on Sunday, March 31. No weight changes will be allowed after that time.  Athletes must present a completed health waiver and code of conduct on site in Spokane to complete their registration.

If I forget my passbook, can I still box?

No, in order to participate in the general weigh-in and therefore be entered into the draw, you must have your current passbook. 

Age division

In compliance with AIBA rules for age classifications, all boxers born in 1995 and 1996 will only be able to compete in the youth division. It does not matter what division the athlete has boxed in previously, they must compete in the age division as defined by AIBA. Boxers born from 1973-1994 must compete in the elite women’s and men’s elite and senior division.