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50 USA Boxing Gyms Awarded Grassroots Grant

By USA Boxing | Nov. 06, 2020, 11:05 a.m. (ET)

To ease the burden of the Covid-19 pandemic, USA Boxing and the USA Boxing Foundation pooled resources to provide grants to 50 gyms across the country. The grant recipients received $750, equipment valued at $280 and renewal of their club’s membership fee for 2021. 

Applications were accepted from any club meeting the requirements for most of September. The country was simultaneously divided into 5 regions. The number of grants awarded to a region was proportional to the number of applications received from that area with the largest number of grants going to the northeast region.

The recipients were selected by a committee of 5 people. 1 USA Boxing Foundation board member, 1 USA Boxing board member, 2 LBC board members, 1 coach and 1 athlete rep.