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USA Boxing Announces Endorsement for AIBA Presidential Candidate

By USA Boxing | Dec. 10, 2020, 11:06 a.m. (ET)

USA Boxing National Office announced today their endorsement for AIBA Presidential Candidate Mr. Anas Al Otabia of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in this weekend’s upcoming election.

“After careful review of the 2019 International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Lalovic Report, candidates’ manifestos/platforms, open-source public information, as well as answers to our questionnaire, we believe Mr. Otabia is most qualified candidate for this position,” stated USA Boxing Executive Director Mike McAtee. “He possesses the skills necessary to lead the international boxing world while addressing the challenges raised in the Lalovic Report that led to the suspension of AIBA.”

USA Boxing Board of Director President Tyson Lee stated “USA Boxing looks forward to collaborating with all National Federations to build a new beginning to move Olympic-style boxing forward to 2024 Paris and 2028 Los Angeles led by Mr. Anas Al Otabia.”

Through the USA Boxing questionnaire, as well as his platform, Mr. Otabia has showed he is committed to:

  • Boxer first mindset
    • Fair play, competing in a “fair environment”
    • Gender Equality and Growth, commitment to work to 8 male and 8 female weight classes in LA 2028
    • The health and safety of boxers must not be comprised for “commercial reasons”
  • Real change in AIBA Leadership Culture
    • A pledge to change current AIBA EC members
  • Transparent Governance and Ethics
    • Pledge to rebuild trust with the IOC and AOSIF
  • Transparency and proper financial reporting
    • Utilize both Internal and External Audit Companies
  • Autonomy of National Federations
    • Decentralization of power and empower the Confederations and Federations

For a look at responses from other candidates to USA Boxing’s questionnaire, click here.

AIBA will hold their Presidential election this weekend, virtually. For more information on AIBA, click here.