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USA Boxing Return to Training

By USA Boxing | April 24, 2020, 12:24 p.m. (ET)

USA Boxing is committed to supporting our gyms reopening and our members training, as the country gradually proceeds to lift stay-at-home orders. Coming out of mitigation in a controlled way, with systems in place to reduce outbreaks will be critical to navigating the next phase of this pandemic. Leaders at all levels, from USA Boxing to LBCs and gym coaches, will need to prepare our communities to continue containing the disease, systematically evaluating and adjusting as we return to training and eventually competitions as safely as possible.  


Moving forward our guiding principles are:

  1. Safety of our members/boxers
  2. Safety of our staff/coaches
  3. Safety of our community, friends and families


USA Boxing has three tiers of returning to competition:

Tier 1: Return to the Gym

            Preparation: Preparing your gym and coaching staff

     Phase 1: Limited Participation

            Phase 2: Moderate Participation

            Phase 3: Full Participation  

Tier 2: Return to Single Day Events (Club Shows)

Tier 3: Return to Multi-Day Events (Tournaments)


This document delivers USA Boxing’s recommendations based on research done by our staff, influenced by the CDC and a variety of federal, state and local governments, to reduce risks during Tier 1: Return to the Gym as stay-at-home orders are lifted and we begin to return to gyms. Please continue to follow local and state guidelines, and these recommendations at your own comfort level.


Tier 1: Return to the Gym

Preparation: Preparing your gym and coaching staff

  • Each staff member should wear a face mask while inside the gym
  • Maintain social distancing
  • Review this “Wash your hands!” video   
  • Wash all surfaces of gym with a bleach solution of 4 teaspoons bleach to quart of water  
  • Remove all common gym equipment (gloves, headgear, cups, etc.)
  • Wash all remaining equipment with bleach solution (ex. boxing bags, jump ropes, etc.)
  • Hang gym guidelines posters on at least one wall in each room and near each station
  • Have equipment/bags/stations at least 10 ft apart
  • Identify hazards and risk “hot spots” as Low, Medium and High to mitigate those risks   
  • Place hand sanitizer and (bleach) wipes near common stations (ex. boxing bags, jump ropes, etc.)
  • After the gym opens for members, routinely wash equipment (ex. boxing bags, ropes, etc.) and common contact points (ex. doorknobs, sink taps, etc.) after every session
  • When Preparation is complete, progress to Phase 1


Phase 1: Limited Participation

  • Please adhere to your state and local government most up-to-date guidelines
  • Inform members of new policies (ex. reservations; sign-in sheets; use personal equipment; etc.)
  • Stay home if you show symptoms or may be in a high risk population
  • If possible, take each members temperature before entering gym
  • All members should follow all hygiene precautions (ex. face covering, wash hands, use hand sanitizer, etc.) Homemade masks are acceptable  
  • If possible, BYOE! Bring your own equipment (gloves, headgear, cups, etc.). Do not share! If must share, strongly suggest sanitizing shared equipment between each person's use
  • Maintain social distancing (ex. no sparring, no focus mitts, etc.)
  • Maximum of one (1) member in gym per 225 sq. ft (15ft x 15ft) area (10 people max. including coaches and parents)
  • Phase 1 lasts a minimum of 14 days and includes an evaluation before moving onto Phase 2 (check state/local guidelines)



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