New Coaching Certification Program Released

By Brian Taylor, USA Boxing | Sept. 05, 2019, 10:11 a.m. (ET)

Beginning today, USA Boxing’s new coaching certification program is live and coaches can begin taking the new online introductory coaching certification.

The new coaching certification will come in four levels, Green, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The Green level will be the entry level, which will be an online test with immediate certification and will not require attending a clinic. The new online Green level test will be much different from our previous Level I test, with videos to watch or documents to read, a very similar setup to SafeSport testing. Instructions on how to access the Green level test can be found below.

This new entry level to our coaching certification will consist of learning topics like coaching fundamentals, the universal boxer and fundamental skills, boxer and gym safety, as well as competition structure and rules.

Coaches can begin taking the Green level course now, however, if they wish to wait until their current certification expires, they must take the green level online course once they have expired. USA Boxing will allow a 60-day window for those coaches who expire between today and Nov. 3, 2019 to take the old level 1 testing, while any coach that has a certification that expires Nov. 4, 2019 and later, must take the Green level testing when their certification ends.

To elevate beyond Green to Bronze, a Green level coach must attend a new clinic that will be facilitated by specifically chosen and trained clinicians. These clinics will be a more hands on and practical course that will consist of a total of 16 hours of in class or boxing gym material. More information on the bronze clinic will be announced on the final day of USA Boxing’s Coaching Education Week.

“I’m excited to see USA Boxing roll out its new Coaching Education Green and Bronze levels,” states USA Boxing Head Coach Billy Walsh. “It’s always been my belief if we educate our coaches, that we will have the best team in the World.

“The Green and bronze levels will reinforce good fundamentals that will allow both boys and girls achieve sustainable success. I look forward to continued coaching development for years to come.”

With our transition to our new level stages, coaches will also keep their current number levels, which will be called their “Legacy Levels.” For those coaches who have earned their way to a Level 2, 3 or 4, they will now be a Green Legacy Level 2-4, to honor and respect the history of our longtime members. However, a coaches’ current level will not allow them to become automatic Bronze, Silver or Gold coaches, as they will have to take the clinics and progress in our new system.

While this transition may take some time to get used to, all of us at USA Boxing are looking forward to this progress and feel this is the right step in the direction for our members to succeed at all levels.

Be sure to check and USA Boxing’s social media for the final announcement of Coaching Education Week!

To register for Green level certification, click here.