Bronze Level Coaches Clinics Available in Oxnard and Lake Charles

By Brian Taylor, USA Boxing | Oct. 15, 2019, 10:58 a.m. (ET)

USA Boxing is proud to announce upcoming bronze level clinics at the upcoming Last Chance Qualifier in Oxnard, Calif. and the 2019 USA Boxing National Championships in Lake Charles, La.

Each location will offer two courses, one two-day course over the weekend and one four-day course throughout the week. 

The clinic will be open to only 25 coaches and have a $100 fee. Coaches MUST take the online Green certification in order to take the Bronze level clinic. Click here to take the online Green certification.


Taught by USA Boxing Coaching Education Coordinator Chadrick Wigle, the clinic will be more hands on and practical.

“We’re really excited to offer a clinic where the coaches spend 60% of the time out of their seats and on the floor doing drills and exercises,” said Wigle. “These new clinics will be much more interactive with demonstrations, discussions and peer-to-peer feedback.”

The four-day clinic will cover a variety of topics for the coaches including the following:

  • General Overview of Development Model
  • Designing Lesson Plans
  • How to Teach Skills – “EDIP”
  • 3 Stages of Sparring
  • Competition Day Warm-up
  • How to Work a Corner

Other topics to be touched upon throughout the clinic will be lifestyle, nutrition, psychology and strength & conditioning.

 “Offering our new coaching education clinics at our national tournaments is just another way we are expanding to include more opportunities for our membership at our events,” stated USA Boxing Events and Operations Manager Michael Campbell. “Our members take a lot of time out of their lives to attend these week-long events, and these clinics make attending our events even more valuable for not only our boxers, but the coaches as well.”

Also, USA Boxing is planning to extend these clinics to the local level in 2020, providing even more opportunities for coaches to attend these clinics outside of the ones provided at national tournaments.

We look forward to seeing our coaches take advantage of these opportunities and continue to learn and grow our sport!