USA Boxing Equipment Flash Sale Presented by Alumni Association

May 03, 2019, 11:22 a.m. (ET)

The USA Boxing Alumni Association and the USA Boxing Equipment line is running a two-week flash sale!

The flash sale consists of two different deals that will run until May 17!


**Deal is for US shipping only**

Deal 1

Leather Training Gloves (Set of 2 pair)

For $99.00 + shipping and handling

14 oz or 16 oz

Regular $75 each pair ($150 for set of 2 pair)

Saving over 33%

Deal 2

Leather Training Gloves + 180” Superior Handwraps

For $59.99 + shipping and handling

14 oz or 16 oz

Regular $75 + $5 = $80

Save 25%

Click here to order!

About the products:


·   Represent your American pride with these stylish Red, White and Blue gloves

·   Long lasting, durable leather with precision stitching technology

·   Highest quality of impact reducing foam to protect both you and your teammates

·   Hook and loop leather strap that fits into the cuff groove to reduce Velcro abrasion and to keep strap firmly in place

·   Reinforced with mesh lining and then waterproof lining making glove much stronger

·   Odor reducing lining

·   Available in 14oz and 16oz


·   Thumb hook for easy application

·   Semi-elasticized compression material for comfort and support

·   Covered hook and loop closure for secure fastening

·   Red in color

·   180" in length