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2018 National Junior Olympics, Prep Nationals and Youth Open Starts with a Bang

June 26, 2018, 10:42 p.m. (ET)

The 47th annual National Junior Olympics began today at the Charleston Civic Center in Charleston, W.Va. with over 250 boxers stepping into the ring ranging in ages eight to 18.


This year’s edition, which is returning to West Virginia for a fourth time, marks the fourth year the Prep National Championships have been a part of the Junior Olympics, and the third year the Youth Open has been contested during this tournament. The day began with the return of the parade of regions, which recognized the 14 regions of USA Boxing. A full list of boxers that walked in the parade of regions, as well as the boxers and officials to read their respective oaths is listed below.

The noon session began with four different age divisions stepping into the ring, including peewee 8, peewee 9-10, bantam and intermediate. All four divisions started the tournament with a bang and full of exciting bouts. Those that advanced following today’s bouts will return to action in tomorrow’s noon session.

The evening session included all five age divisions allowed in this tournament, which continued the excitement in downtown Charleston. The session included numerous high intensity bouts with extremely close outcomes.

Action will continue tomorrow with another two sessions at noon and 6:00 p.m. You can follow on USA Boxing’s free live stream by clicking here.

Click here for complete results, as well as photos from today’s sessions and tomorrow’s bout sheets.

Parade of Regions Participants

Region 1 - Randi Griffith, Jada Ingeles

Region 2 - Faith Mendez, Jahmal Harvey

Region 3 - Tyriona Hankinson, Floyd Schofield

Region 4 - Malayasia Antoine, Obed Bartee-El II

Region 5 - Samone Wagoner, Dante Benjamin

Region 6 - Sophia Haroutunian, Jason Komanekin Jr.

Region 7 - Nayda Gaspariano, Jyrin Sutton

Region 8 - Melissa Holguin, Richard Fernandez

Region 9 - Ariana Carrasco, James Bahe

Region 10 - Elyssa Banda, Marcellas Montoya

Region 11 - Iris Rivera, Amari Jones

Region 12 - Alyssa Medoza, Adolfo Hernandez

Region 13 - Shera Mae Patricio, Nathan Arceo

Region 14 - Priscilla Medina, Christopher Quiroga

Athlete Oath - Gabriela Fundora, Xander Zayas

Officials Oath - Shari-Sha Crockett, Eldwin Ruiz Junio