USA Boxing Announces Partnership with Beautiful Fighter

July 19, 2018, 10:53 a.m. (ET)


USA Boxing announced today the partnership with Beautiful Fighter, an Illinois-based company, as the official cosmetics provider for USA Boxing covering cosmetics, skin care and hair care.

“USA Boxing is excited to partner with Beautiful Fighter and its founder Delilah Matos, who understands the importance of empowering and growing female participation in the sport of amateur Olympic-style boxing,” stated USA Boxing Executive Director Mike McAtee. “We look forward to capitalizing on Delilah’s entrepreneurial spirit to grow female participation, which is a goal of USA Boxing’s strategic plan.”

Bringing a beautiful fighting spirit to the front of combat sports, Matos and her team supports women in discovering, developing and sustaining their inner beautiful fighting confidence.

"Our unique partnership with USA Boxing empowers female fighters to ‘face their fight with impact’ both inside and outside the ring, powerfully, fearlessly and beautifully,” stated Matos.

“Beautiful Fighter, together with USA Boxing, supports the continued successful growth, prosperity and future of our female fighters nationwide.“

Beautiful Fighter believes everyone has the power to ‘face the fight’ of life with punching power and supports females to fight for what they believe in. Whether a female is prepping for their next boxing tournament or are facing a personal matter, the Beautiful Fighter message reminds you to face the fight with impact.


The Fighter brand packages their message into their inspiring line of products that provide high-quality, results-oriented skin care, cosmetics and empowering products that promote a healthy lifestyle.

USA Boxing athletes can now receive 20% off any item from the Beautiful Fighter store ( with the use of the code ‘TEAMUSA’ or at any events where Beautiful Fighter products are sold.