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Over 175 Bouts Kick Off First Day of 2017 USA Boxing Junior Olympics

June 28, 2017, 1:12 a.m. (ET)

The first day of the 2017 USA Boxing Junior Olympics, Prep Nationals and Youth Open Championships brought over 350 boxers to the Charleston Civic Center in downtown Charleston, W.Va. 

The younger divisions kicked off the action early before the older boxers closed out the exciting opening day of the tournament. A total of 43 champions were crowned at the conclusion of the first session.

Over 650 boxers will step into the ring throughout the week, all looking to take home this year’s title. This marks the third year the Prep National Championships have been apart of the Junior Olympic event with boxers earning their spots in the bantam, intermediate and junior divisions through local and regional qualifiers. This is the second year the Youth Open has been contested during this tournament.

Boxing will resume tomorrow with two sessions at noon and 6:00 p.m. Follow all the action on our free live stream here, as well as follow USA Boxing on social media. 

For full tournament brackets, results and bout sheets, click here.

Unopposed Champions:

Pee Wee 8/60 lbs.: John Paul Medeiros, Dothan, Ala.

Pee Wee 8/60 lbs.: Andre McCallum, Toledo, Ohio

Pee Wee 8/65 lbs.: Zahriah Cottrell, Pearl City, Hawaii

Pee Wee 50 lbs.: Ka’vonte James, El Paso, Texas

Pee Wee 60 lbs.: Dantae Santiago, Allentown, Pa.

Pee Wee Female 80 lbs.: Zoe Griffith, Gouverneur, N.Y.

Pee Wee 95 lbs.: Jadenn Cole, Southfield, Mich.

Pee Wee 106 lbs.: Maurice Hampton, Shreveport, La.

Pee Wee 114 lbs.: Gael Tavera, Crowley, La.

Bantam Female 60 lbs.: Natalie Martinez, El Paso, Texas

Bantam Female 101 lbs.: Destiny Costalez, Casper, Wyo. 

Bantam Female 106 lbs.: Gracy Kennedy, Minot AFB, N.D.

Bantam Female 110 lbs.: Amber Costalez, Casper, Wyo.

Bantam Female 145 lbs.: Yalonda Puente, Denver, Colo.

Bantam Female 154 lbs.: Mary Sandoval, New Town, N.D.

Bantam 176 lbs.: Aven Acuna, Reading, Pa.

Intermediate Female 75 lbs.: Mariah Martinez, Phoenix, Ariz.

Intermediate Female 80 lbs.: Amethyst Chagolla, San Antonio, Texas

Intermediate Female 85 lbs.: Mariah Bahe, Chinle, Ariz.

Intermediate Female 154 lbs.: Mikayla Rivera, Lakewood, Colo.

Intermediate 154 lbs.: Luis Salinas, New Town, N.D.

Intermediate 176 lbs.: Deandre Madison, Detroit, Mich.

Intermediate 176+ lbs.: Brannon King, Greenfield, Tenn.

Junior Female 176 lbs.: Gloria Zaragoza, Corpus Christi, Texas

Junior Female 176+ lbs.: Amaya Waulk, Ashland, Ky.

Youth Female 132 lbs.: Nicole Ocasio, Tampa, Fla.

Youth Female 141 lbs.: Aidyl Cardenas, Calexico, Calif.

Youth Female 152 lbs.: Natasha Moore-Louis, Davenport, Iowa

Youth 201 lbs.: David Stevens, Reading, Pa.


Noon Session


Ring 1

Pee Wee 8 Novice/65 lbs.: Michael O’Conner, Newburgh, N.Y. dec. over Payton Pullen-Davis, Ft. Washington, Md., 4-1

Pee Wee 8 Open/50 lbs.: Austin Garcia, Payson, Utah, dec. over Izaac Rivera, Philadelphia, Pa., 5-0*

Pee Wee Novice/55 lbs.: Jaren Colon, Lancaster, Pa., dec. over Micah Brown-El, Atlanta, Ga., 5-0*

Pee Wee Open/55 lbs.: Martin Mosqueda, Houston, Texas, dec. over Sa’mari Everette, Baltimore, Miss., 4-1

Pee Wee Open/70 lbs.: Kevion Williams, Melbourne, Fla., dec. over Karma Hilton, Shreveport, La., 4-1

Pee Wee Open/70 lbs.: Andre Flores, Ceres, Calif., dec. over Troy Harris, Cincinnatti, Ohio, 3-2

Pee Wee Open/75 lbs.: Anthony Flores, Los Angeles, Calif., won by RSC over Armando Arredondo, Conway, Ark., RSC-2

Bantam/60 lbs.: Emmanuel Chance, E. Orange, N.J., dec. over Ray Maldonado, Phoenix, Ariz., 5-0

Bantam Female/70 lbs.: Teagan Reed, Dyersburg, Tenn., dec. over Shelly Patricio, Waianae, Hawaii, 5-0

Bantam/70 lbs.: Ranulfo Bocanegra, Donna, Texas, dec. over La’qualin Scott, Crowley, La., 3-2 

Bantam/75 lbs.: Treyston Akana, Waianae, Hawaii, dec. over Samuel Hale, Minot, N.D., 5-0

Bantam Female/90 lbs.: Nazeerah McGeorge, Philadelphia, Pa., dec. over Abbigail Reck, Clarkston, Wash., 3-2

Bantam/95 lbs.: Mario Rodriquez, Providence, R.I., dec. over Carlos Johnson, Akron, Ohio, 5-0

Bantam/101 lbs.: Zyrell Williams, Newburgh, N.Y., won by RSC over Alfredo Gonzalez, Racine, Wisc., RSC-1

Intermediate/70 lbs.: Joziah Fuentes, Fresno, Calif., dec. over Carlos Lebron, Clermont, Fla., 4-1

Intermediate/75 lbs.: Raimier Walker, Syracuse, N.Y., dec. over Dane Riingen Alea, Hawaii, 5-0

Intermediate/85 lbs.: Hyrum Correa, Glendale, Ariz., dec. over Martin Caraballo, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 5-0

Intermediate/90 lbs.: Jordan Roach, Upper Maryland, Md., dec. oer Infant Nunez, Kenner, La., 5-0

Intermediate/95 lbs.: Raylin Williams Jr., Sylvania, Ohio, dec. over Darome Hilton, Sheveport, La., 5-0

Intermediate Female/101 lbs.: Omesha Carmona, Lawrence, Mass., dec. over Jaxielyz Morell, Allentown, Pa., 3-2

Intermediate/106 lbs.: Randy Canady, St. Louis, Mo., dec. over Alan Angulo, Omaha, Neb., 5-0

Intermediate Female/114 lbs.: Alisha Ricks, Aiea, Hawaii, dec. over Selena Lauth, Bronx, N.Y., 5-0

Intermediate/119 lbs.: Marcus Saucedo, Holland, Mich., dec. over Laqwan Scott, Crowley, La., 4-1

Intermediate Female/125 lbs.: Briana Chagolia, San Antonio, Texas, dec. over Karina Benzel, Wanakena, N.Y.,  4-1

Intermediate Female/132 lbs.: Ruby Navarro, Mission, Texas, won by RSC over Kirsten Navarre, Rayne, La., RSC-1

Intermediate/165 lbs.: Angel Biorato, Smyrna, Tenn. won by abandonment over Ty Kana, Katy, Texas, ABD*

Ring 2

Pee Wee Open Female/55 lbs.: Jocelyn Olay-Munoz, Las Cruces, N.M., dec. over Taylor Henry, Colorado Springs, Colo., 5-0*

Pee Wee 8 Novice/70 lbs.: Asante Lamar, Cincinnati, Ohio, dec. over Javier Mitchell, Rochester, N.Y., 5-0*

Pee Wee 8 Open/65 lbs.: Allan Hernandez, Vero Beach, Fl., dec. over Yahel Flores, Rockford, Ill., 4-1

Pee Wee Novice/75 lbs.: Tamyjion Nash, Greenville, S.C., dec. over Aubry Sandoval, New Town, N.D., 5-0*

Pee Wee Open/60 lbs.: Javon Robinson, Oxford, Pa., dec. over Nico Sanchez, Chula Vista, Calif., 4-1

Pee Wee Open/70 lbs.: Kenny Lobatoz, Rialto, Calif., dec. over Kingston Moore, Greenwood, S.C., 5-0

Pee Wee Open/70 lbs.: Owen Miranda, Delavan, Wisc., dec.  over Jair Jimenez-Palama, 5-0

Pee Wee Open/75 lbs.: Roy Garcia, Laredo, Texas, dec. over Pryce Sparrow, Ft Knox, Ky., 5-0

Bantam/65 lbs.: Andrew Coronoa, Laveen, Ariz., dec. over Cardarius Johnson, Washington, D.C., 5-0

Bantam Female/70 lbs.: Perla Bazaldua, Los Angeles, Calif., dec. over Ivy Enriquez, El Paso, Texas, 3-2

Bantam Female/75 lbs.: Jennifer Aguilar, Dallas, Texas, dec. over Starr Henry, Colorado Springs, Colo., 5-0

Bantam/80 lbs.: Ronny Edmonds, Nashville, Tenn., dec. over Presley David, Cary, N.C.

Bantam/90 lbs.: Joseph Chisholm, Stratford, Conn., dec. over Latrell King, Cleveland, Ohio, 5-0

Bantam/95 lbs.: Khaliq Harrison, Ft. Washington, Md., dec. over Jonathan Sosa, Irving, Texas, 5-0

Bantam/101 lbs.: Marco Romero, Olathe, Kan., dec. over Francisco Castro, Ft. Worth, Texas, 5-0

Intermediate/70 lbs.: Willie Torres, Lancaster, Pa., dec. over Treshawn Siler, Cincinnati, Ohio, 3-2

Intermediate/75 lbs.: Terry Washington, San Bernardino, Calif., dec. over Devin Price, Sicklerville, N.J., 5-0

Intermediate/85 lbs.: Jonathon Recio, Hawthrone, Calif., dec. over Rodrigo Flores, Kenner, La., 3-2

Intermediate/90 lbs.: Abdullah Mason, Cleveland, Ohio, dec. over Kyree Williams, Lithonia, Ga., 5-0

Intermediate/95 lbs.: Daniel Cortez, Converse, Texas, dec. over Samuel Edmonds, Ft. Washington, Md., 5-0

Intermediate/101 lbs.: Dominic Rodriguez, Palm Desert, Calif., dec. over David Rodriguez, McKinney, Texas, 5-0

Intermediate/106 lbs.: Joel Iriate, Bakersifeld, Calif., dec. over Emilio Garcia, Laredo, Texas, 4-1

Intermediate/114 lbs.: Nathan Arceo, Kapolei, Hawaii, dec. over Rafael Saldana, Bakersfield, Calif., 5-0

Intermediate/119 lbs.: Isaac Hernandez, Lemoore, Calif., dec. over Daniel Bykhovski, Stanten Island, N.Y., 3-2

Intermediate/125 lbs.: Jalen Middleton, Macon, Ga., dec. over Dante Gaines, Marerro, La., 5-0

Intermediate/132 lbs.: Sincere Brooks, Long Beach, Calif., won by RSC over over Eric Drake, Crowley, La., RSC

Ring 3

Pee Wee Novice/55 lbs.: Greylo Coach, Cincinnati, Ohio, dec. over Ruben Soto, Tamarac, Fla., 4-1*

Pee Wee Female Open/70 lbs.: Azariah Cottrell, Aiea, Hawaii, dec. over Maria Flores, Selma, Calif., 4-1*

Pee Wee 8 Open/65 lbs.: Kartiere Gilmore, Solon, Ohio, dec. over Thaddeus Lewis, Lafayette, La., 4-1

Pee Wee 8 Open/60 lbs.: Yousef Mohamed, Keego Harbor, Mich., dec. over Gavin Bernal, Rockford, Ill., 3-2

Pee Wee Open/70 lbs.: Marc-Hulien Alwohi, Kapolei, Hawaii, dec. over Gabriel Rangel, Belgrade, Mont., 5-0

Pee Wee Open/70 lbs.: Donovan Garcia, Thornton, Colo., dec. over Markus Williams, Albany, N.Y., 4-1

Pee Wee Open/80 lbs.: Aldo Blancas, Milwaukee, Wisc., dec. over Jose Vasquez, Dallas, Texas, 5-0

Bantam/65 lbs.: Mason Vela, Laredo, Texas, dec. over Yu’shore Williams, Toledo, Ohio, 5-0

Bantam/70 lbs.: Juan Rivera V, Philadelphia, Pa., dec. over Rafael Lopez, Minot, N.D., 5-0

Bantam/75 lbs.: Joseph Keller, Lake Chris, La., dec. over Caleb Suniga, Manor, Texas, 5-0

Bantam Female/85 lbs.: Rikki Griffith, Gouverneur, N.Y., dec. over Aubrey Muniz, Ceder Hill, Texas, 5-0

Bantam/90 lbs.: Troy Nash, Colorado Springs, Colo., dec. over Tyquan Lockett, Aiken, S.C., 3-2

Bantam/101 lbs.: Ethan Smith, Las Vegas, Nev., dec. over Pedro Castro, Ft. Worth, Texas, 5-0*

Intermediate/70 lbs.: Cashes Rhodes, Katy, Texas, dec. over Devon Ceasar, Crowley, La.

Intermediate/75 lbs.: Kenyan Valie, Wesley Chapel, Fla., dec. over Aaron Garcia, Payson, Utah, 4-1

Intermediate/85 lbs.: Dempsey Wooten, Mannford, Okla., dec. over Perre Sutton, Omaha, Neb., 4-1

Intermediate/90 lbs.: Samuel Contreras, Palmdale, Calif., dec. over Ryan Zempoaltecatl, Fallsburg, N.Y., 5-0

Intermediate/95 lbs.: Bryant Miranda, Phoenix, Ariz., dec. over Eric Romero, Madison, Wisc., 5-0

Intermediate/101 lbs.: Nysir Blackwell, Mililani, Hawaii, dec. over Tyshawn Denson, Akron, Ohio, 3-2

Intermediate/106 lbs.: Jake Santistevan, Denver, Colo., dec. over Brian Blake, Augusta, Ga., 3-2

Intermediate/114 lbs.: Cameron Mincey, Omaha, Neb., dec. over Markus Godbold, Rochester, N.Y., 5-0

Intermediate/119 lbs.: Yasir Harris, Feasterville Trevose, Pa., dec. over Jonathan Lopez, Orlanda, Fla.

Intermediate/125 lbs.: Joshua Estrada, Las Vegas, Nev., dec. over Omar Cooke, Harrisburg, Pa., 125

Intermediate/132 lbs.: Embry Robles, Alvin, Texas, dec. over Devon Brickey, Mt. Morris, Mich., 4-1

Ring 4

Pee Wee 8 Novice/65 lbs.: Jayden Morgan, Laurel, Md., dec. over Seth Gaye, Philadelphia, Pa., 3-2

Pee Wee 8 Novice/65 lbs.: Zaishawn Bosell, Euclid, Ohio, dec. over Simmons Norman, Willow Springs, N.C., 5-0*

Pee Wee Novice/50 lbs.: William Valdiva, Lancaster, Pa., dec. over Arturo Gudino, Clearlake, Calif., 5-0*

Pee Wee Open/55 lbs.: Kahlil Harvey Jr., Canton, Mich., dec. over Lorenzo Patricio, Waabau, Hawaii, 5-0

Pee Wee Open/65 lbs.: Lonard Ross, Detroit, Mich., dec. over Donk Ramirez, Las Vegas, Nev., 5-0

Pee Wee Open/70 lbs.: Yoell Cooper, Hillside, N.J., dec. over Jermaine Nez, Farmington, N.M., 3-2

Pee Wee Open/70 lbs.: Marcus Luther, Washington, D.C., dec. over Fynest Cummings, Rochester, N.Y., 4-1

Pee Wee Open/85 lbs.: Na’cyus Morrison, Greenville, S.C., dec. over Jeremiah Jimason, Upper Marlboro, Md., 3-2

Bantam/101 lbs.: Ryan Williams, Toledo, Ohio, dec. over Tommy Coe, Baltimore, Md., 5-0

Bantam/70 lbs.: Jameel Maldonado, Phoenix, Ariz., dec. over Javon Walton, Hoschton, Ga., 3-2 

Bantam/114 lbs.: Joseph Miranda, Delavan, Wis., dec. over Ashton Jackson, Jackson, Miss., 3-2*

Bantam Female/125 lbs.: Jadali Robinson, Troy, N.Y., dec. over Jabreiona Hankinson, Aiken, S.C., 5-0*

Intermediate/70 lbs.: Jahlyte Chance, E. Orange, N.J., dec. over Lyndon Patricio, Waianae, Hawaii, 3-2

Intermediate/80 lbs.: Yahir Calderon, Kansas City, Kan., dec. over Zachery Carter, Country Club Hills, Ill., 5-0

Intermediate/90 lbs.: Isaac Chavez, McAllen, Texas, dec. over Christian Gragg, St. Louis, Mo., 5-0

Intermediate Female/95 lbs.: Yoseline Perez, Houston, Texas, dec. over Nataleigh Munoz, Shafter, Calif., 5-0

Intermediate Female/101 lbs.: Natalia Castaneda, Kansas City, Mo., dec. over Lizbeth Garcia, Rawlins, Wyo., 5-0

Intermediate Female/106 lbs.: Maria Jardines, Salinas, Calif., dec. over Monica Garcia, Rawlins, Wyo., 3-2

Intermediate/110 lbs.: Deon Giles, Capital Heights, Md., dec. over Javen Encinas, Shafter, Calif., 3-2

Intermediate/119 lbs.: Jamar Pemberton, dec. over Luis Ruiz, Irving, Texas, 4-1

Intermediate Female/125 lbs.: Emily Gomez, Bakersfield, Calif., dec. over Addison Thibodeaux, Rayne, La., 4-1

Intermediate Female/132 lbs.: Kaheil Elliot, Plainsfield, N.J., won by RSC over Whitney Brown, Lexington, Ky., RSC-3

Intermediate/132 lbs.: Kasir Goldston, Albany, N.Y., won by RSC over William Finley, New Town, N.D., RSC-1

6:00 p.m. Session

Ring 1

Junior/90 lbs.: Nicolas Martinez, Cedar Hills, Texas, dec. over Rayonta Whitfield, Augusta, Ga, 4-1

Junior/95 lbs.: Javaughn Dula, Cincinnati, Ohio, dec. over Shamar Canal, Schenectady, N.Y., 3-2

Junior/101 lbs.: Fernando Vazquez, Dallas, Texas, dec. over Damion Darling, Las Vegas, Nev., 4-1

Junior/106 lbs.: Braden Reed, Dyersburg, Tenn., dec. over Chebar Thompson, Cincinnati, Ohio, 4-1

Junior/110 lbs.: Bobby Leonard, Shrevenport, La., dec. over Keith Colon, Newark, N.J., 3-2

Junior/114 lbs.: Omar Perez, Chicago, Ill., dec. over Ricardo Cartegena, Staten, N.Y., 4-1

Junior/119 lbs.: Jeremy Adorno, Allentown, Pa., dec. over Mykell Gamble, Cincinnati, Ohio, 5-0

Junior/125 lbs.: Breeon Carothers, Racine, Wisc., dec. over Elijah Rios, Ozone Park, Md., 5-0

Junior/132 lbs.: Christian Gragg Jr., St. Louis, Mo., dec. over Osvaldo Saldana, Laredo, Texas, 3-2

Junior/132 lbs.: Derek cintron, Bronx, N.Y., won by RSC over Adrian Contreras, Fargo, N.D., RSC-3

Junior/145 lbs.: Chris Tallworth, Toledo, Ohio, dec. over Marco Campos, Omaha, Neb., 5-0

Junior/165 lbs.: Darelle Valsaint, Orlando, Fla., dec. over Michael Tymas, Washington, D.C., 5-0

Junior/176 lbs.: Isaac Perez, Lawrence, Mass., dec. over James Barber, Gunnison, Colo., 3-2

Youth/132 lbs.: Malik Warren, Catonsville, Md., dec. over Joshua Jenkins, Garland, Texas, 4-1

Youth/141 lbs.: Rolando Vargas, Milwaukee, Wisc., dec. over Joseph Budrow, Ranson, W.Va., 5-0

Youth/141 lbs.: Adrian Valdovinos, Hanford, Calif., dec. over Eric Peguero, Philadelphia, Pa., 3-2

Youth/152 lbs.: Jah-yae Brown, Schenectady, N.Y., dec. over Darrion Henry, Ft. Pierece, Fla., 5-0

Youth/152 lbs.: Eugene Hill, Dickinson, Texas, dec. over Rati Kordzakhia, 3-2

Youth/201+ lbs.: Angel Young, Gilber, Ariz., dec. over Ty-mari Sarvis, Newburgh, N.Y., 5-0

Ring 2

Junior/90 lbs.: Jesus Haro, Merced, Calif., dec. over Izak Carlos, Olathe, Kan., 5-0

Junior/95 lbs.: Jamel Robinson, August, Ga., dec. over Michael Davis II, Florissant, Mo., 4-1

Junior/101 lbs.: Eli Lankford, Jonesboro, Ga., dec. over Diego Bengochea, Meriden, Conn., 4-1

Junior Female/110 lbs.: Lilly Keating, Phoenix, Ariz., dec. won by RSC over Aliyah Charbonier, Clermont, Fla., RSC

Junior Female/114 lbs.: Mireya Marquez, Milwaukee, Wisc., won by ABD over Michelle Scott, Harrison, N.Y., ABD

Junior/114 lbs.: Jason Komanekin, Keshena, Wisc., dec. over Sean Brown, Cedar Hill, Mo., 3-2

Junior/119 lbs.: Wilver Hernandez, Kansas City, Kan., dec. over Kolt Joseph, Waimanalo, Hawaii, 5-0

Junior/125 lbs.: Xavian Ramirez, Reading, Pa., dec. over Christian Peterson, Aiken, S.C., 5-0

Junior/132 lbs.: Aaron Aponte, Hialeah, Fla., dec. over Rogelio Gutierrez, Lemoore, Calif., 5-0

Junior Female/138 lbs.: Victoria Gaytan, Phoenix, Ariz., dec. over Katie King, Dresden, Tenn., 5-0

Junior/145 lbs.: Michael Burch, Lawson, Colo., dec. over Nathan Luoura, Rocky Hill, Conn., 5-0

Junior/165 lbs.: Bryant Brown, Detroit, Mich., dec. over Osmel Avila, Fresno, Calif., 3-2

Junior/176+ lbs.: Tyree Chapman, Detroit, Mich. dec. over Lemichael Moulden, Knoxville, Tenn., 5-0

Youth/114 lbs.: Malik Nelson, Avenel, N.J., dec. over Jose Nieves, Linden, N.J., 4-1

Youth/123 lbs.: Angel Garcia, Laredo, Texas, dec. over Timothy Melancon, Lafayette, La., 5-0

Youth Female/125 lbs.: Yarisel Ramirez, Las Vegas, Nev., dec. over Romain Martinez, Humble, Texas, 4-1

Youth/132 lbs.: Jungle Garcia, St. Cloud, Fla., dec. over Angel Osorio, North Las Vegas, Nev., 5-0

Youth/141 lbs.: Omar Juarez, Brownsville, Texas, dec. over Albert Torres, Albany, N.Y., 5-0

Youth/141 lbs.: Jeovanny Estela, Orlando, Fla., dec. over Nicholas Chandler, Hurricane, W.Va., 5-0

Youth/152 lbs.: Antonia Grant, Cincinnati, Ohio, dec. over Luis Monarrez, Omaha, Neb., 5-0

Youth/165 lbs.: Kahshad Elliot, Plainfield, N.J., dec. over Jojit Butay-Fillon, Las Vegas, Nev., 5-0

Ring 3

Junior/90 lbs.: Jahmal Harvey, Oxon Hill, Md., dec. over Braylon Jones, Lafayette, La., 5-0

Junior Female/101 lbs.: Britney Jenkins, Midland, Texas, dec. over Sierra Uribes, Denver, Colo., 5-0

Junior/101 lbs.: Wayne Lawrence, Toledo, Ohio, dec. over Tirell Allee, Omaha, Neb., 5-0

Junior/110 lbs.: Ernest Lamar, Cincinnati, Ohio, dec. Over Dakota Stack, North Attleborough, Mass., 5-0

Junior/114 lbs.: Eric Tudor, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., dec. over Colby Maciel, Phoenix, Ariz., 4-1

Junior/114 lbs.: Keedric White, Jackson, Miss., dec. over David Amaro, Reading, Pa., 4-1

Junior Female/125 lbs.: America Berber, Fresno, Calif., dec. over Helene Vazquez, Avondale, 4-1

Junior/125 lbs.: Daniel Garcia, Westminster, Colo., dec. over Oliver Badillo, Mesquite, Texas

Junior/132 lbs.: Jermoine Royster, Richmond, Va., dec. over Kevon Brown, Dyersburg, Tenn., 3-2

Junior/138 lbs.: Armani Almestica, Orlando, Fla., dec. over David Romero-Ceja, Los Angeles, Calif., 5-0

Junior/145 lbs.: Colby Wheeler, Eskdale, W.Va., dec. over Julian Santos, Cleburne, Texas, 4-1

Junior/165 lbs.: Diego Pacheco, Los Angeles, Calif., dec. over Jaime Martinez, Irving, Texas, 3-2

Youth Female/106 lbs. Amy Salinas, Las Cruces, N.M., dec. over Lizzette Corrales, San Diego, Calif., 5-0

Youth/114 lbs.: Asa Stevens, Waianae, Hawaii, dec. over Jorge Carlos, Shawnee, Kan., 3-2

Youth/123 lbs.: Tyrese Woodard, Cincinnati, Ohio, dec. over Khalil Ozase, East Cleveland, Ohio, 3-2 

Youth/132 lbs.: Harley Mederos, New York, N.Y., dec. over Simon Pergande, Mount Juliet, Tenn., 4-1

Youth/141 lbs.: Seth McGee, Bryan, Texas, won by DQ over Aryeontae Dukes, New York, N.Y., DQ

Youth/152 lbs.: Quaheem Davis, Philadelphia, Pa., dec. over Israel Alvarez, Spokane, Wash., 3-2

Youth/152 lbs.: Jaydon Vigil, Lakewood, Colo., dec. over Shyquell Jervey, Brooklyn, N.Y., 5-0

Youth/165 lbs.: Lorenzo Simpson, Reisterstown, Md., won by RSC over Tyler Tomlin, Ashland City, Tenn., RSC-1

Ring 4

Junior/90 lbs.: Nathanel Rodriguez, Denver, Colo., dec. over Barrick Wilson, Cleveland, Ohio, 4-1

Junior/101 lbs.: Ragahleak Bartee, Washington, D.C., dec. over Adrian Rodriquez, Glendale, Ariz., 4-1

Junior/106 lbs.: Tyrell Simon, Newburgh, N.Y., dec. over Floyd Schofield, Marietta, Ga., 3-2

Junior/110 lbs.: Xander Zayes, Plantation, Fla., dec. over Xavier Nnuez, Corpus Christi, Texas, 3-2

Junior/114 lbs.: German Lopez, Arlington, Texas, dec. over Steve Johnson, East Palto Alto, Calif., 4-1

Junior Female/119 lbs.: Arazely Galindo, Dallas, Texas, Sarah Garrison, Rock Springs, Wyo., 4-1

Junior Female/125 lbs.: Avauhda Ammons, Huntsville, Ala. dec. over Monserrat Carmona, Dallas, Texas, 4-1

Junior/125 lbs.: Howard Trevino, Lancaster, Calif., dec. over Taloun Nedd, Toledo, Ohio, 4-1

Junior/131 lbs.: Jorickson Galiza, Waianae, Hawaii, dec. over Alerion Siler, Cincinnati, Ohio, 5-0

Junior/145 lbs.: Obed Bartee-el, Huntsville, Ala., dec. over Roberto Gomez, Dade City, Fla., 4-1

Junior/154 lbs.: Jay Deleon, Dallas, Texas, Dante Benjamin, Shaker Heights, Ohio, 3-2

Junior/165 lbs.: Ralph Clemente, Ronkkoma, N.Y., dec. over Bryce Edwards, Muldrow, Okla., 5-0

Youth Female/106 lbs.: Amber Rojas, San Antonio, Texas, dec. over Desiree Garcia, Irving, Texas, 3-2

Youth Female/119 lbs.: Katlin Crabtree, Paris, Tenn., dec. over Allyanna Bates, Pittsburgh, Pa., 3-2

Youth/123 lbs.: Johnthan Quair, Handord, Calif., dec. over Jonathan Torres, Bethlaham, Pa., 3-2

Youth/132 lbs.: Romero Acosta, Las Vegas, Nev., dec. over Michael Jackson, Farmington, N.M., 3-2

Youth/141 lbs.: David Fecteau, Westland, Mich., dec. over Cristian Roman, Mercedes, Texas, 4-1

Youth/141 lbs.: Raul Manrique, Dallas, Texas, dec. over Anthony Savilla, Eskdale, W.Va, 5-0

Youth/152 lbs.: Alex Donis, Cypress, Texas, dec. over Isaac Chapa Jr., Rockwell, Texas, 5-0

Youth/152 lbs.: Brandon Davis, St. Louis, Mo., dec. over Riggs Dowty, Millington, Tenn., 5-0

Youth/165 lbs.: David Kaminsky, Reseda, Calif., dec. over Alexis Chaparro, Ridgewood, N.Y.