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2017 USA Boxing National Championships Underway in Salt Lake City

Dec. 05, 2017, 10:58 p.m. (ET)

The 2017 USA Boxing Elite and Youth National Championships & Junior and Prep Open presented by SHOWTIME Sports has brought over 600 boxers to Salt Lake City, Utah’s Salt Palace Convention Center.

This year’s tournament kicked off today with action packed boxing, including the crowning of 11 new champions in the prep and junior divisions, which are listed below.

The evening session began with a bang, as one of the most highly anticipated matchups, Stacia Suttles (Bronx, N.Y.), 2016 international gold medalist and USA National Champion, against Diana Estrada (Hilsboro, Ore.), who was making her elite debut after just boxing earlier this week at the 2017 Youth Women’s World Championships, kicked off the session. The matchup did not disappoint, with Suttles walking away with a close split decision victory.

The session continued to be impressive, as nine elite female boxers advanced one step closer to Saturday’s championship bouts.

With 2018 being a very important year for the youth divisions, the youth male boxers put on a show to close out the day. This year’s tournament will help determine which athletes could potentially represent Team USA at next year’s Youth Olympics and Youth World Championships.

This year’s tournament concludes one of the most successful years for USA Boxing and helps determine those who will become part of the 2018 High Performance squad for Team USA. This marks the second year that the junior divisions have participated in these National Championships and the first for the prep divisions.

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Championship bouts represented by *

6:00 p.m. Session

Ring 1

Youth/108 lbs.: Alfred Vargas, San Diego, Calif., won by RSC over Adrian Lopez, West Jordan, Utah, RSC

Youth/108 lbs.: Kante Kirman, Palo Alto, Calif., dec. over Angel Melendez, Dallas, Texas, 5-0

Youth/114 lbs.: Ricardo Garcia, Moreno Valley, Calif., dec. over Alejandro Barajas, Los Angeles, Calif., 4-1

Youth/114 lbs.: Sal Ensign, Fresno, Calif., dec. over Russell Wade, Hot Springs, Ark., 5-0

Youth/123 lbs.: Anthony Valdovinos, Handford, Calif., dec. over Xavian Ramirez, Reading, Pa., 3-2

Youth/123 lbs.: Garrett Rice, Flint, Mich., dec. over Carlos Gonzalez, Sunnyvale, Calif., 5-0

Youth/123 lbs.: Jeremy Adorno, Allentown, Pa., dec. over Keon Davis, Norfolk, Va., 5-0

Youth/123 lbs.: Angel Garcia, Laredo, Texas, dec. over Victor Rodriguez, Nampa, Idaho, 5-0

Youth/132 lbs.: Lucio Zuniga, Aurora, Colo., dec. over Gil Garcia, Los Angeles, Calif., 5-0

Youth/132 lbs.: Manuel Jaimes, Stockton, Calif., dec. over Oscar Perez, Houston, Texas, 3-2

Youth/132 lbs.: Gabriel Gerena, Piscatway, N.J., dec. over Luis Joe Ybarra, Colorado Springs, Colo., 3-2

Youth/141 lbs.: Jesus Ramos, Casa Grande, Ariz., dec. over Derek Cintron, Bronx, N.Y., 3-2

Youth/141 lbs.: Marco Campos, Omaha, Neb., dec. over Joshua Hill, District Heights, Md., 4-1

Youth/152 lbs.: Jay DeLeon, Dallas, Texas, dec. over Austyn Broncho, Pocatello, Idaho, 5-0

Youth/165 lbs.: Alexis Chaparro, Ridgewood, N.Y., dec. over Angel Chavez, Salinas, Calif., 4-1

Ring 2


Elite Female/132 lbs.: Stacia Suttles, Bronx, N.Y., dec. over Diana Estrada, HIllsboro, Ore., 3-2

Elite Female/141 lbs.: Nargis Shaghasi, San Ramon, Calif., dec. over Destiny Jones, Austin, Texas, 5-0

Elite Female/141 lbs.: Whitney Gomez, Harringman, Utah, won by walkover over Ashleigh Moore, Buzzards Bay, Mass., W/O

Elite Female/141 lbs.: Ravven Brown, San Antonio, Texas, dec. over Annalicia Sustaita, Garland, Texas, 3-2

Youth/123 lbs.: Eric Tudor, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., dec. over Mateo Holt, West Valley City, Utah, 5-0

Youth/123 lbs.: Jorge Carlos, Shawnee, Kan., won by walkover over Joricksen Galiza, Waianae, Hawaii, W/O

Youth/123 lbs.: Jermaine Brown, Cincinnati, Ohio, dec. over Sachery Sam, Stockton, Calif., 5-0

Youth/132 lbs.: Joel Martinez, Fort Worth, Texas, dec. over Daniel Ybarra, Tolleson, Ariz., 3-2

Youth/132 lbs.: Josiah Cortez, Dickinson, Texas, dec. over Nevada Janis, Rapid City, S.D., 5-0

Youth/132 lbs.: Osvaldo Saldana, Laredo, Texas, dec. over Juan Pablo Cruz Duran, Grafton, N.D., 3-2

Youth/132 lbs.: Aaron Aponte, Hialeah, Fla., dec. over Juliano Casttellano, Spring Hill, Fla., 4-1

Youth/141 lbs.: Anthony Soto, Pueblo, Colo., dec. over Gilberto Arellano, Stockton, Calif., 3-2

Youth/141 lbs.: Otha Jones, Toledo, Ohio, dec. over Rogelio Gutierrez, Lemoore, Calif., 5-0

Youth/152 lbs.: Juan Vazquez, Omaha, Neb., won by walkover over Daishaun Bundrage, Detroit, Mich., W/O

Youth/165 lbs.: Amir Ghaffari Nikou, Los Angeles, Calif., dec. over Ralph Clemente, Ronkonkoma, N.Y., 5-0

Ring 3

Elite Female/106 lbs.: Sabrina Slattery, Brooklyn, N.Y., won by RSC over Veronica Rodriguez, El Paso, Texas, RSC

Elite Female/106 lbs.: Monica Lazadale, Kerns, Utah, dec. over Elimarie Torres, Springfield, Mass.

Elite Female/112 lbs.: Indeya Smith, Grand Prairie, Texas, dec. over Leslie Rosas, Fort Bragg, N.C., 5-0

Elite Female/119 lbs.:  Melanie Costa, Norton, Mass., dec. over Kristen McMurtree, Lancaster, N.Y., 5-0

Elite Female/125 lbs.: Rianna Rios, Colorado Springs, Colo., dec. over Leslie Soto, Las Vegas, Nev., 5-0

Youth/123 lbs.: Jeremiah Cortez, Dickinson, Texas, dec. over Smathy Silva, Sparks, Nev., 5-0

Youth/123 lbs.: Jorge Luis Pardo, Hialeah, Fla., dec. over Chamar Flowers, Washington, D.C>, 3-2

Youth/123 lbs.: Armando Vargas, North Las Vegas, Nev., won by RSC over Alyzha Martin, Rayne, La., RSC

Youth/132 lbs.: Dominique Francis, Opa Locka, Fla., dec. over Neamiah Loane, Centennial, Colo., 5-0

Youth/132 lbs.: Felix Gonzalez, Midlothian, Ill., dec. over Kevon Brown, Dyersburg, Tenn., 3-2

Youth/132 lbs.: Richard Medina, San Antonio, Texas, dec. over David Ortiz III, Bloomington, Calif., 5-0

Youth/141 lbs.: Bre’yon Gorham, Houston, Texas, won by RSC over Cesar Jimenez, Colton, Calif., RSC

Youth/141 lbs.: David Romero-Ceja, Los Angeles, Calif., won by walkover over Lavars Carter, Cincinnati, Ohio, W/O

Youth/165 lbs.: Kahshad Elliot, Plainfield, N.J., won by RSC over Emmanuel Jones, Newburgh, N.Y., RSC

Youth/178 lbs.: David Garcia, Crescent City, Fla., dec. over Bryce Edwards, Muldrow, Okla., 4-1

Ring 4

Youth/108 lbs.: Samuel Cosio, Kansas City, Mo., dec. over Jose Silva Ayala, Sparks, Nev.

Youth/108 lbs.: Markel Hardy, Cincinnati, Ohio, dec. over Isaac Plascencia, Los Angeles, Calif.

Youth/114 lbs.: Omar Estrada, Hillsboro, Ore., dec. over Jonathan Mansour, La Mesa, Calif., 4-1

Youth/114 lbs.: Nes Tiburcio, Honolulu, Hawaii, won by RSC over Erik Ramirez, Dallas, Texas, RSC

Youth/123 lbs.: Mykell Gamble, Cincinnati, Ohio, dec. over Jose Miranda, Phoenix, Ariz., 4-1

Youth/123 lbs.: Brian Velasquez, Phoenix, Ariz., dec. over Jeremiah Perales, Omaha, Neb., 4-1

Youth/123 lbs.: Daniel Garcia, Westminster, Colo., dec. over Kevan Bonilla, Bridgeport, Conn., 4-1

Youth/132 lbs.: Jordan Jenkins, Garland, Texas, won by RSC over Hakeem Antoine, Atlanta, Ga., RSC

Youth/132 lbs.: Khalil Osaze, East Cleveland, Ohio, dec. over Aramis Maldonado, Lynn, Mass., 5-0

Youth/132 lbs.: Jermaine Royster, Richmond, Va., dec. over Victor Soto, Houston, Texas, 5-0

Youth/141 lbs.: Armani Almestica, Orlando, Fla., dec. over Giovanni Marquez, Houston, Texas, 5-0

Youth/141 lbs.: Gilbert Orlang, Allentown, Pa., dec. over Joshua Jenkins, Garland, Texas, 3-2

Youth/152 lbs.: Jonathan Montalvo, Omaha, Neb., won by KO over Thorn Castellon, Madera, Calif., KO

Youth/152 lbs.: Tristian Kalkreuth, Duncanville, Texas, dec. over Osmel Avila, Fresno, Calif., 5-0

Youth/165 lbs.: Lorenzo Simpson, Baltimore, Md., dec. over Diego Pacheco, Los Angeles, Calif., 3-2

Youth/178 lbs.: Jaime Martinez, Irving, Texas, dec. over Matthew Rodriguez, Saginaw, Mich., 5-0


Noon Session

Ring 1

Pee Wee/50 lbs.: Austin Garcia, Payson, Utah, dec. over Miguel Lecea, Laredo, Texas, split*

Pee Wee/60 lbs.: Nico Sanchez, Chula Vista, Calif., dec. over Ruben Soto, Tamarac, Fla., 5-0

Pee Wee/65 lbs.: Michael O’Conner, Foxborough, Mass., dec. over Dontae Velarde, Helena, Mont., 5-0

Pee Wee/80 lbs.: Norman Simmons, Willow Springs, N.C., dec. over Kolden Hale, Minot, N.D., 4-1

Bantam Female/60 lbs.: Joscelyn Olayo-Munoz, Las Cruces, N.M., won by walkover over Iveth Alvarez, Pueblo, Colo., W/O

Bantam Female/80 lbs.: Starr Henry, Colorado Springs, Colo., dec. over Tee Hale, Dothan, Ala., 5-0*

Bantam Female/101 lbs.: Kimberly Solis, Splendora, Texas, dec. over Abbigail Reck, Clarkston, Wash., 5-0*

Bantam/60 lbs.: Martin Mosqueda, Houston, Texas, dec. over Micah Brown-El, Atlanta, Ga., 5-0

Bantam/70 lbs.: Mason Vela, Laredo, Texas, dec. over Owen Miranda, Delavan, Wisc., 5-0

Bantam/70 lbs.: Xavier Rodriguez, Lancaster, Pa., dec. over Duran Caferro, Helena, Mont., 5-0

Bantam/75 lbs.: Roy Garcia, Laredo, Texas, dec. over Isaiah Molina, Laredo, Texas, 5-0

Bantam/80 lbs.: Juan Rivera V, Philadelphia, Pa., dec. over Sergio Sanchez, Santaquin, Utah, 5-0

Bantam/85 lbs.: Javier Guerrero, Dallas, Texas, dec. over Jose Vasquez, Dallas, Texas, 3-2

Bantam/85 lbs.: Jackson Nez, Farmington, N.M., dec. over Samuel Hale, Minot, N.D., 5-0

Bantam/101 lbs.: Martin Gutierrez, Lemoore, Calif., dec. over Joshua Briggs, Oxon Hill, Md., 5-0

Intermediate Female/80 lbs.: Shelly Patricio, Waianae, Hawaii, dec. over Lupita Medina, 3-2

Intermediate Female/106 lbs.: Lorena Ramirez, Cleveland, Texas, won by RSC over Fernanda Chavez, Dallas, Texas, RSC-2*

Intermediate Female/132 lbs.: Ruby Navarro, Mission, Texas, dec. over Sativa James, Dixon, Calif., 5-0*

Intermediate/75 lbs.: Phillip Vella, Henderson, Nev., dec. over Bruno Rios, Los Angeles, Calif., 4-1

Intermediate/75  lbs.: Jameel Maldonado, Phoenix, Ariz., dec. over Noah Leidecker, Nephi, Utah, 5-0

Intermediate/80 lbs.: Cornellio Phipps, Oxford, Pa., dec. over Anthony Torres, Las Vegas, Nev., 5-0

Intermediate/85 lbs.: Sasha Tudor, Hollywood, Fla., dec. over Jared Mendez, Houston, Texas, 4-1

Intermediate/85 lbs.: Steven Navarro, Los Angeles, Calif., dec. over Yoruba Moreu, Albuquerque, N.M., 5-0

Intermediate/90 lbs.: Sebastian Acevedo, Brooklyn, N.Y., dec. over Elijah Willett, Ogden, Utah, 5-0

Intermediate/95 lbs.: Jalmarionn Forte, Cincinnati, Ohio, dec. over Rony Paredes, Aloha, Ore., 3-2

Intermediate/95 lbs.: Ryan Williams Jr., Sylvania, Ohio, dec. over Christopher Simmons, Willow Springs, N.M., 4-1

Ring 2

Junior/85 lbs.: Richard Fernandez, San Antonio, Texas, dec. over Gabriel Soto, Las Vegas, Nev., 5-0*

Junior/95 lbs.: Dempsey Wooten, Mannford, Okla., dec. over Nikolas Martinez, Cedar Hill, Texas, 4-1

Junior/95 lbs.: Javier Gama, West Haven, Utah, dec. over Figo Ramirez, Dallas, Texas, 5-0

Junior/101 lbs.: Jose Gonzalez, Hillsboro, Ore., dec. over Ragahleak Bartee, Washington, D.C., 3-2

Junior/101 lbs.: Diego Bengochea, Meriden, Conn., dec. over Cutting Oliver, Baltimore, Md., 3-2

Junior/101 lbs.: Tanner Gurule, Riverton, Utah, dec. over Damin Carrillo, Lynwood, Calif., 5-0

Junior/106 lbs.: Christopher Rios, Los Angeles, Calif., dec. over Yahir Estrada, Salt Lake City, Utah, 4-1

Junior/106 lbs.: Jahmal Harvey, Oxon Hill, Md., dec. over Jorge Capetillo, Las Vegas, Nev., 5-0

Junior/106 lbs.: Bryant Miranda, Phoenix, Ariz., dec. over Quincy Williams, Washington, D.C., 4-1

Junior/106 lbs.: Juan Medina, Chula Vista, Calif., dec. over Eric Hernandez, Bakersfield, Calif., 4-1

Junior/114 lbs.: Jesus Flores, Selma, Calif., dec. over Alberto Alvarez, Simi Valley, Calif., 5-0

Junior/114 lbs.: Miklo Arnold, HIllsboro, Ore., dec. over Efrain Cabrera, Riverside, Calif., 3-2

Junior Female/119 lbs.: Gabriela Fundora, Coachella, Calif., dec. over Sierra Martinez, North Providence, R.I., 5-0

Junior Female/119 lbs.: Ariana Carrasco, Las Cruces, N.M., dec. over Mireya Marquez, Milwaukee, Wisc., 5-0

Junior/132 lbs.: Cain Sandoval, Sacramento, Calif., dec. over Kevin Soto, Dallas, Texas, 4-1

Intermediate/101 lbs.: Daniel Mercado, Pomona, Calif., dec. over Richard Hogan, Weymouth, Mass., 3-21

Intermediate/106 lbs.: Emiliano Vargas, Las Vegas, Nev., won by RSC over Emiliano Gandara, Marco Romero, Olathe, Kan., RSC-3

Intermediate/110 lbs.: Diego Luna, San Diego, Calif., dec. over Emiliano Gandara, Dallas, Texas, 5-0

Intermediate/125 lbs.: Ashton Sylve, Long Beach, Calif., dec. over Ethan Smith, Las Vegas, Nev., 4-1

Ring 3

Junior/90 lbs.: Yahir Calderon, Kansas City, Kan., dec. over Jeremy Nieves, Avenel, N.J., 5-0

Junior/95 lbs.: Floyd Diaz, North Las Vegas, Nev., dec. over Jonathon Recio, Hawthorne, Calif., 5-0

Junior/101 lbs.: Angel Barrientes, Las Vegas, Nev., dec. over Julius Ballo, Santee, Calif., 5-0

Junior/101 lbs.: Javaughn Dula, Cincinnati, Ohio, dec. over Daniel Cortez, Converse, Texas, 4-1

Junior/101 lbs.: Amed Medina, Maywood, Calif., dec. over Nathanel Rodriguez, Denver, Colo., 5-0

Junior/101 lbs.: Shamar Canal, Schenectady, N.Y., dec. over Carlos Reyes, Milwaukee, Wisc., 5-0

Junior/106 lbs.: Leonardo Rubalcava, Whittier, Calif., dec. over Arturo Ramos IV, San Antonio, Texas, 3-2

Junior/106 lbs.: Chavez Barrientes, Las Vegas, Nev., dec. over Adrian Rodriguez, Glendale, Ariz., 5-0

Junior/106 lbs.: Leonardo Sanchez, West Valley, Utah, dec. over Jesus Rodriguez, Vernal, Utah, 4-1

Junior/110 lbs.: Noah Timoteo, Waianae, Hawaii, dec. over Dorian Khan, Buckeye, Ariz., 3-2

Junior/114 lbs.: Brian Blake, Augusta, Ga., dec. over Johnathan Gonzalez, Houston, Texas, 5-0

Junior/114 lbs.: Leondre Ross, American Canyon, Calif., dec. over Alfredo Quinonez, Oklahoma City, Okla., 5-0

Junior Female/119 lbs.: Jennifer Lozano, Laredo, Texas, dec. over Destiny Duron, Houston, Texas, 5-0

Junior Female/119 lbs.: Sarah Garrison, Rock Springs, Wyo, dec. over Lela Gutierrez, Sacramento, Calif., 5-0

Junior/154 lbs.: Angel Munoz, El Centro, Calif., dec. over Bryson Kearney, Hamilton, Mont., 5-0

Intermediate/101 lbs.: Lehnox Rodriguez, Springfield, Mass., dec. over Samuel Contreras, Palmdale, Calif., 5-0

Intermediate/106 lbs.: Khaliq Harrison, Fort Washington, Md., dec. over Malachi Davis, Albany, N.Y., 5-0

Intermediate/114 lbs.: Ashton Jackson, Jackson, Miss., dec. over Isaac Halfred, Eagle Butte, S.D., 5-0

Ring 4

Pee Wee/60 lbs.: Dylan Capetillo Fernandez, Las Vegas, Nev., dec. over Carlos Ponce, Los Angles, Calif., 5-0

Pee Wee/60 lbs.: Zakariyah Chapman, Philadelphia, Pa., Evander Leidecker, Nephi, Utah, 5-0

Pee Wee/65 lbs.: Andre McCallum, Ofallon, Mo., dec. over Valentin Sanchez, Santaquin, Utah, 5-0

Pee Wee/70 lbs.: Donk Ramirez, Las Vegas, Nev., dec. over Gracen Hoopii, Spring Valley, Calif., 5-0*

Bantam Female/85 lbs.: Yaneli Muratalla Prado, Dallas, Texas, dec. over Aubrey Muniz, Cedar Hill, Texas, 5-0*

Bantam Female/95 lbs.: Lesli Chavez, Fairburn, Ga., dec. over Emily Garrison, Rock Springs, Wyo,5-0*

Bantam/60 lbs.: Lorenzo Juanito Patricio, Waianae, Hawaii, dec. over Brady Ochoa, Gilbert, Ariz., 5-0

Bantam/65 lbs.: Keith Jordan, San Francisco, Calif., dec. over Zachary Godines, Rock Springs, Wyo, 5-0

Bantam/70 lbs.: Nathan Moreno, Compton, Calif., dec. over Andre Flores, Ceres, Calif, 3-2

Bantam/70 lbs.: Kenny Lobatoz, Rialto, Calif., dec. over Reymond Mosquera, North Las Vegas, Nev., 5-0

Bantam/75 lbs.: Dylon Turner, Stafford, Texas, dec. over Hector Lazaro, Dallas, Texas, 5-0

Bantam/80 lbs.: Luciano Trevino, Rosenberg, Texas, dec. over Victor Rodriguez, Colorado Springs, Colo., 5-0

Bantam/85 lbs.: Jamil Cheatham, Las Vegas, Nev., dec. over Damian Flores, Ceres, Calif., 4-1

Bantam/90 lbs.: Joseph Awinongya, Chicago, Ill., dec. over Aaron Soriano, Albuquerque, N.M., 4-1

Intermediate Female/85 lbs.: Sa’rai Brown-El, Atlanta, Ga., dec. over Mariah Martinez, Phoenix, Ariz., 3-2

Intermediate Female/95 lbs.: Hailey Cancel, Hudson, Mass., dec. over Nazeerah McGeorge, Philadelphia, Pa., 4-1

Intermediate Female/101 lbs.: Yoseline Perez, Houston, Texas, won by RSC over Yemila Tobias, San Antonio, Texas, RSC-2*

Intermediate/70 lbs.: Willie Torres, Lancaster, Pa., dec. over Alexander Gueche, Lakewood, Calif., 5-0*

Intermediate/75 lbs.: Terry Washington, San Bernardino, Calif., dec. over Kevin Ayala, Huntley, Ill., 5-0

Intermediate/80 lbs.: Rodrigo Mosquera, North Las Vegas, Nev., dec. over Luis Lopez, Delhi, Calif., 4-1

Intermediate/80 lbs.: Francisco Cruz Jr., El Monte, Calif., won by RSC over Alejandro Bastidas, San Diego, Calif., RSC-2

Intermediate/85 lbs.: Criztec Bazaldua, Los Angles, Calif., dec. over Jeremiah Jimason, Upper Marlboro, Md., 3-2

Intermediate/90 lbs.: Justice Henry, Fort Pierce, Fla., dec. over Erik Castaneda, South Jordan, Utah, 5-0

Intermediate/95 lbs.: Pedro Tejada, Rialto, Calif., dec. over Troy Nash, Colorado Springs, Colo., 5-0

Intermediate/95 lbs.: Jesus Martinez, San Antonio, won by RSC over Jesse Vasquez, Dallas, Texas, RSC-2