Junior National Team Member Mireya Marquez Talks About Her First Camp Experience

April 18, 2017, 12:54 p.m. (ET)



Mireya Marquez of Milwaukee, Wisc., celebrated her birthday last week a little differently than other years. She celebrated with 20 of the top junior and youth female boxers at her first National Team Training Camp in Colorado Springs, Colo. The now 15-year-old, who began boxing at the age of 11, trains under Alberto Mercedes at AMC Boxing Academy.  Marquez earned her spot at the training camp following her victory in the light bantamweight junior division at the 2016 USA Boxing Elite and Youth National Championships and Junior Open. USA Boxing caught up with Mireya to see how her first National Team Training Camp went. 

Were you nervous about your first camp and what were your expectations? 

Coming into the Training Center I was more excited than nervous. I was excited to experience what it was like to train like a true Olympian. My expectations for camp were very high! I did not expect anything less than a lot of hard work.

What was the hardest part of camp?

The hardest part of camp was stepping out of my comfort zone and trying out brand new strategies. 

What was the biggest thing you learned or will take back home with you from camp? 

Throughout camp I learned a lot, but the biggest thing I learned was that knowledge is power.

You got to spend your birthday at camp; what was that like? 

Spending my birthday at camp was very enjoyable. There is nothing more exciting than doing something you love on one of your favorite days of the year. My teammates and coaches made me feel very special. During lunch, they surprised me with a cake and sang happy birthday. It was one of my most memorable birthdays by far.


Did you get any feedback from Coach Billy? If so, can you share with us what he said to you? 

Coach Billy is always willing to give his feedback. I remember him giving me directions on how to have my hands up in a certain way during a sparring session.

What did you enjoy most about camp? 

There were many things I really enjoyed during camp, but if I had to choose it would be meeting and creating bonds with fellow female boxers.

When will your next tournament be? And what are your goals for that tournament? 

The next tournament I will be competing in is the Junior Olympics. My goal for this tournament is to perform to the best of my ability to win gold. 

What was the biggest difference in training at the Training Center than training back home? 

The biggest difference in training at the Training Center than training back home in Wisconsin would most definitely be the change of altitude!

What are your goals for the rest of 2017? Is Tokyo 2020 your long term goal?

My goals for the rest of 2017 are to stay focused, disciplined and determined so I can improve more on what I need to work on. If I can meet the age requirement for Tokyo 2020, it will definitely be my goal.

Overall, how was your first camp experience?

Overall, my first camp experience was a success. I learned so much in such a short amount of time. This experience will truly help me in the future.