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Letter from Dr Charles Butler to Dr CK Wu

Oct. 25, 2012, 1:51 p.m. (ET)

President CK Wu 

AIBA Maison du Sport International 

Avenue de Rhodanie 54 

Lausanne, Switzerland CH-1007 

Sent Via Email

October 25, 2012 

Dear President Wu,

USA Boxing has received and acknowledges the decision of the AIBA Disciplinary Commission. USA Boxing accepts that the remarks of Mr. Hal Adonis and the vote of 34 members were a violation of principles of the Olympic movement. We deeply apologize for those remarks.

Remarks that discriminate against large groups of our athletes based on race or gender and associate the sport of boxing with child abuse are totally foreign to our membership. Our members have dedicated their lives to helping the young men and women of our country get off the streets and change their lives for the better. Many of these young men and women have become great American Olympic and World Champions, who are ambassadors for boxing worldwide. The membership of USA Boxing treats all athletes and members with equality and respect.

As President of USA Boxing, for the protection of our Boxers and in fairness to our 37,000 members, judges, referees, and coaches who have dedicated their lives to this great sport, we respectfully ask for immediate clarification and modification of the suspension to confirm that our athletes may compete on every level and the suspension will not prohibit USA Boxing from operating at any level.

The United States Olympic Committee has already demanded that changes be made to the way USA Boxing is governed and run. The offense of which we are guilty is one committed by our leadership. Please allow our leadership to accept responsibility and make it right. With complete respect for you as the man who changed the image of AIBA from a tarnished organization to a sport that has earned the respect of the IOC and the World, I ask you to help the athletes and all the good members of USA Boxing to survive this time of crisis in our organization.

On behalf the members of USA Boxing, thank you for your consideration and your help. We respectfully await your response.

Respectfully submitted,

Charles F Butler 

President of USA Boxing

CC: Mr. Ho Kim, Executive Director of AIBA 

USA Boxing Board of Directors 

Mr. Anthony Bartkowski, Executive Director USA boxing 

USA Boxing LBC Presidents, Committees, Taskforces and Members 

Mr. Scott Blackmun, CEO, U.S. Olympic Committee 

Mr. Alan Ashley, Chief Sport Performance, U.S. Olympic Committee