USA Boxing

At local, regional and national events, there are often complaints from parents, athletes, coaches and officials alike. Sometimes it is regarding Rules violations; other times it is regarding a decision. Unlike almost every other sport, boxing is perceived as a “subjectively” judged sport. However, that is not even remotely close to correct. USA Boxing has in place very detailed guidelines as to scoring an amateur USA Boxing bout. You can find the judging criteria on USA Boxing’s website.

Before making a complaint to your Coach (or from a Coach to your Chief of Officials) or attempt to file a grievance – which is certainly your right given specific, established violations, you should review the particular rule that you are addressing. You may find that you are not correct or that you now have information which confirms your belief. After which, you can follow the proper procedures. By viewing the Rules, you now have the exact knowledge to move forward.

Always follow the basic rule of grievances: two wrongs don’t make a right. Document, research, and file any grievance properly and ultimately you will have a much greater chance at success.

William Billingham,

President Middle Atlantic Association

Chair, National Coaches Commission