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Coach of the Month - Hernan Santa

Aug. 21, 2019, 12:32 p.m. (ET)

Hernan became involved with boxing in his mid-twenties

Due to an incident that occurred at the early age of 13, Hernan lost vision in his left eye and was declared legally blind.

Doctors told Hernan that he should never box, play football or participate in any other contact sport that could potentially jeopardize the vision in his only good eye.

At the age of 22, Hernan was the victim of a stabbing in NYC, which resulted in permanent nerve damage to his right hand. Doctors told Hernan that he never would be able to use his right hand again. He was forced to process that writing, exercise or anything that involved dexterity of the hand would be impossible.

After falling into a deep depression and feeling worthless, he began studying occupational therapy, educating himself on anatomy and kinesiology.

As time progressed, he regained 50% of his hand strength back.

His experience with occupational therapy helped him realize what he wanted to do: Help others accomplish their physical and mental goals. 

Hernan became certified as a personal trainer.

Against his doctor’s orders, Hernan started boxing to release all the negative energy that was trapped inside his mind and body. He fell in love with the demands that boxing asked of him. He found the dedication, hard work, sacrifice, discipline and consistency to be very therapeutic.

While boxing at the amateur level, he decided that becoming a boxing, strength & conditioning coach would serve his purpose best.

He has coached boxing for 10 years and has been a personal trainer for 12 years.

His experience with feeling knocked down hard taught him the tools to become positive and optimistic. Understanding the importance of developing a fighter’s mind and physical conditioning is integral to his day to day training practices.

Hernan’s mantra is “Anyone can start strong, but always finish stronger than you started. Outwork everyone.”

Coaching accomplishments:

Pure Breed Tournament Champion

Sugar Bert Tournament Champion

Ring Masters Tournament Champion

NY Boxing Tournament Champion 

Creating champions in and out of the ring everyday