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Scully Unites Amateur Boxing Community

By Chris Cugliari | Oct. 31, 2017, 1:29 p.m. (ET)

John Scully, USA Boxing Alumni Association Advisor, knew at a young age that the relationships he was building throughout his amateur boxing career would be special.  Opponents, sparring partners, and even those he would watch from afar earned his respect and admiration.  As Scully continued to make a name for himself as one of New England’s best amateur boxers, he began to see that one of his greatest skills was connecting many of the greats throughout different generations.  “I have always loved amateur boxing and when I was first starting out, I had so many guys from across the country whom I looked up to and admired,” Scully said.

“As I got older and started making my own way in the game I started to wonder about some of these great amateurs who I had lost track of and hadn’t seen in years.”  This curiosity led Scully to reach out to countless alumni as he grew older and identify opportunities to reunite those who shared memorable experiences in and out of the ring.

“Every time I would run into a guy from back then I would ask him about certain boxers and try to link up.  I developed a nice network by doing that,” Scully claims.

It took one memorable encounter, however, for Scully to truly understand his gifts as a connector throughout the boxing community.  “What really sparked it for me was running into Emanuel Steward in Atlantic City back in 2011 and he mentioned how he didn’t know anyone in the game who kept in touch with as many boxers as I did.”

“That was when the light bulb really went off in my head,” Scully mentioned.  This light bulb led to Scully throwing countless amateur reunions throughout the Northeast, bringing USA Boxing alumni together often for the first time since they had competed against each other in the ring.

Most recently, Scully has united the amateur alumni community to support two of their brothers in need, Wilfred Benitez and Gerald McClellan, who both suffered severe injuries from the sport.  In 2017, he raised thousands of dollars by collecting and selling artifacts (championship belts, signed photographs, and other merchandise) at a reunion fundraiser for Benitez and traveled over the summer to visit him in Puerto Rico.  Scully held a similar event for McClellan.

What drives Scully to dedicate his life to reuniting and supporting the amateur boxing alumni community?  He does it to give back to the sport and its members that have provided him with so much.

“Becoming an amateur boxer was the greatest thing to ever happen to me.  It led me right to where I am at this moment in almost every way.  The things I’ve attempted to do, the places I’ve been allowed to see, the people I’ve been allowed to meet and befriend, and the lessons I’ve been able to pass on to up and coming amateurs that I learned from my days in their shoes are irreplaceable and priceless in my mind…worth more than any weight in gold.”