USABS recognizes it can be difficult for an athlete, teammate, co-worker, friend or family member to report an allegation of misconduct and strives to remove as many barriers to reporting as possible. Please recognize the reporter’s critical role is simply to report the allegation to the appropriate entity(ies). It is not the reporter’s responsibility to evaluate the credibility of the allegation, gather additional information, or investigate the incident. 


To report Sexual Misconduct and Child Abuse: Report Sexual Misconduct and Child Abuse Immediately to the U.S. Center for SafeSport online at AND Report Child Abuse Immediately to Law Enforcement.  


Important:  If an Adult Participant learns of information and reasonably suspects that a Minor has suffered an incident of Child Abuse (to include neglect, physical, emotional and sexual abuse) they must report this to law enforcement (or in some states child protective services) and the Center immediately.  


To report Emotional, Physical and other Prohibited Conduct and MAAPP Violations: Promptly report allegations of emotional, physical or other Prohibited Conduct and allegations of MAAPP violations by providing as much relevant information as possible (e.g. reporting parties name and contact information, alleged misconduct/concern, date of incident, location of incident, individuals involved and their roles, ages and contact information, if known, including potential bystanders/witnesses) and attach any relevant documentation to USABS:


o   By Email:

o   Phone/In Person: A Member of the Athlete Safety Team 


Anonymous reports may be made.  However, it does not mean that the underlying information will be protected. Please remember reporting anonymously may limit the USABS’ ability to investigate and respond to a report. As such, USABS encourages an anonymous reporter to provide as much detail as possible (e.g. date of incident, incident location, identify of all individuals involved including potential witnesses, relevant documentation, etc.) when making the report. 


For more information on the reporting of allegations, review Section 5 of the USABS Athlete Safety Policy, which is linked below. Individuals needing assistance with reporting or having questions about appropriate reporting protocol may contact
Documents detailing procedures involving safe sport practices followed by USABS:

The following are considered USABS participants:

● Staff members and volunteers;

● USABS athletes in the USADA required testing pool;

● Technical members; and

● Individuals USABS formally authorizes, approved or appoints to: (a) position of authority over, or (b) have frequent contact with athletes.

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