Rings and Things!

BY Kristina Hull

Everyone who participates in a sport on this level is chasing five special rings. The colors blue, black, red, yellow, and green elicit a certain emotion. Those rings joined together create the most beautiful, special, elite, and unifying symbols, the Olympic Rings.  I thought those were some of the most important rings I could ever have the privilege of pursuing until two months ago.  I now have a new ring in my life, no it is not blue, black, red, yellow , or green, but it is a beautiful, special, and unifying symbol. If you have not figured it out yet. I AM ENGAGED...BOOM. That JUST HAPPENED!

I have the special privilege to spend the rest of my life with an amazing man named Paul Jackson. This relationship could not be anymore “healthy.” And I mean this figuratively and literally.  We actually met almost five years ago. We were both strength and conditioning coaches at LSU. And after four years of dating and four different coaching relocations we are now “settled “ in Oxford Mississippi where Paul is the Head Football Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Ole Miss Rebels. HOTTY TODDY! If you ask Paul, he may say we have only stayed together because I get access to incredible training facilities for my skeleton training because of him. But the truth is, it is pretty awesome when you get to train next to your significant other and coach each other up. Though the jury is  still out on who the “better” lifter is, we both learn from each other and build each other up.  Though I did beat him in a pull-up contest recently, which is proven by video evidence that I am more than happy to share!

Something that Paul has been in my life is SUPPORTIVE, which brings me to my next topic. As athletes trying to pursue dreams, we all need SUPPORT.  Whether it be emotionally, financially, or spiritually. What I have come to realize is although I am SERIOUSLY all over the place, I AM BEYOND BLESSED to have amazing people in my life. God blessed me with the MOST supportive fiancé and family. My parents are the ones that came to every sporting event when I was young, drove me all around, and continued to push me to dream. I have an amazing mom who would do anything for her kids, and my dad always knows the right things to say at the right time. He himself pursued a dream to be an Olympic Athlete in the sport of wrestling and came 1 win shy of his dream. He knows much better than I do the highs and lows of pursuing a sport at this level.  My extended family has also been nothing short of amazing. My aunts, uncles, cousins, and future in-laws have motivated me to go as hard as I can no matter what the outcome! I could not do anything without the support I have in my life. I can bet most athletes would say the same.  I am blessed to be able to say I am training as hard as I can only through the strength of my family, my friends, and God. So thank you to everyone who has made this dream hopefully ONE DAY become a reality.

Kristina Hull has always dreamed of competing in an Olympic sport.  A co-worker at Louisiana State University (LSU)  mentioned the sport of skeleton of skeleton to her, and she was immediately interested.  "He put me in contact with the right people and here I am today, blessed and thankful," Hull said.  She said her ulterior motive for getting involved is to meet Bob Costas. Hull played softball at Georgia Tech from 2003-2007 where she graduated with her bachelors before becoming a strength and conditioning graduate assistant at LSU until 2010.  Hull has her master's degree in kinesiology from LSU.  She loved to play any sport and pretending she's "an awesome interior designer by watching HGTV."