Sponsorship funds classified as a “donation” allow the sponsor to take credit for a tax-deductible donation as IRS rules permit. The USABS will assume all sponsorship funds received thru the ATF are “donations,” except in the following specific cases:

1.       A sponsorship will be considered a “gift” if the sponsor specifically states it as such (online – in the “comments” section, or mailed – with accompanying letter).

2.      A sponsorship will be considered a “gift” if the USABS is aware of any familial relationship between the donor and athlete, regardless of intent by the donor.

3.      A sponsorship will be considered a “gift” if, in the case of a written check or money order, the athlete’s name appears anywhere on the actual check (i.e. on the memo line). 

Upon completion of a donation transaction, the donor will be provided with written confirmation of the amount donated and the USABS’s federal tax ID number. 

Funds provided to athletes that do not qualify as “donations” are considered to be gifts from the donor to the athlete. Gifts should be made payable directly to the athletes rather than gifting thru the ATF. Gifts are not tax deductible.