USA Bobsled & Skeleton is pleased to offer the Athlete Training Fund (ATF) to help offset the training expenses of its athletes. Sponsors and donors may send contributions to the ATF to benefit the general athlete pool or a specific purpose. However, the USBSF does maintain discretion over distribution of these funds including instances where an athlete retires, is suspended, or leaves the sport.  The ATF is intended to provide incentive for athletes to develop sponsorship to cover their individual bobsled and skeleton training needs while maintaining their amateur eligibility status. The USABS will withhold an administrative fee equal to 5% of the contribution to the ATF. The remaining 95% of the funds will be available to the athlete.  

In order to participate in the ATF program and receive reimbursement of expenses through the ATF, the athlete must be a current member in good standing and demonstrate the desire to participate and continue to participate in the sport of bobsled or skeleton. If an athlete helps to solicit donations, every effort will be made to assist that athlete in qualifying for access to those funds. Any remaining funds in an athlete’s account upon his/her departure from the sport will be used to assist other active athletes. An athlete will be considered to be retired if he/she does not slide for one entire season and has not sent a letter to the USABS expressing his/her intent to slide in a subsequent season.  If you plan to make any temporary departures from participation in your sport, please notify USABS Director of Finance & Operations, Lisa Carlock, at or 719-351-2400 in advance so funds are not diverted from your account to benefit other active athletes.

Upon receipt of an ATF donation, the benefitting athlete will be notified via email. Athletes can request information regarding donations, donors and ATF account balances at any time by contacting Lisa Carlock.

To make a donation online, click here.  For instructions on mailing a check, click here.  

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