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Getting to know Lou Moreira

April 06, 2021, 9:47 p.m. (ET)

Getting to know USA Bobsled alumni Lou Moreira

 Lou at the track

Q: How did you initially get involved in bobsled?
A: After watching long time friend Steve Langton compete in the 2014 Sochi Winter Games.

Q: What's your athletic background?
A: I was a High School All- American Hurdler, and All-State Football player at Somerville High School in Somerville, MA.

Q: Can you tell us about your time with the U.S. Army? 
A: I served in the US Army's 82nd Airborne Infantry Division for six years. Deployed to Afghanistan twice, 15 months and 12 month rotations working in various Taliban strongholds. As a young Paratrooper, I took orders, executed well, and got promoted in record time needing a waiver to earn my E-6 (Staff Sergeant) in four years. Later, as a leader of troops in combat, what I am most proud of to this day was training eight Paratroopers for combat and bringing them all home.Watching them hug their families was he most gratifying feeling in my life.
Q: What did it mean to represent the U.S. as a soldier? What about as a bobsledder?
A: Representing the U.S as a solider means everything to me. My parents are immigrants and I came to this country as a young boy. Later serving the nation that gave my parents a better life was very rewarding for me. I got to fight and wear the same uniform that helped this country form itself.  As a bobsledder, it was another opportunity to represent my country, just in a different way- at the elite level of athletics. Putting on a Stars and Stripes speed suit was truly electrifying and I often miss it. 

Q: Do you have a favorite sliding memory?
A: I do, two of them. I often remember being in Igls, Austria for the Europa Cup with Justin Olsen for his first ever four-man race as a driver. He took on three rookies- Evan Weinstock, Brent Fogt and myself...essentially we were just four rookies having fun. We had zero expectations, just make it down, haha. We did, and even had some of the fastest push times. It was a blast, we grew a close friendship, had tons of laughs and got to do what we loved. The trip was a huge success.

Another great memory I have was doing two-man with Justin Olsen at World Championgships for the Team Event. The start was the most electrifying atmosphere I had ever witnessed in a bobsled race. All of Team USA and most of Team Canada was there screaming at the top of their lungs. Hype level 9000!!  We blasted off the top 5.86 start and I believe was the fastest start time. I wish there was a video of that start, but will never forget that.

I honestly have countless of amazing memories in bobsled, unfortunately not all of them are good. Nonetheless, bobsled gave me some lifelong friendships and experiences that I will always cherish. 

Q: Can you tell us more about your family? Your dad seems to be a talented winemaker!
A: My parents immigrated from Portugal in 1989, when I was 5. I have a big family, 21 first cousins which I am proud to say I have a relationship with each individual one. Family gatherings are the best, especially now that almost all my cousins have children of their own. My dad makes wine, yes, but for personal use. His father made wine, lots of it and would sell it at local Farmers Markets in the old country. This past fall I actually made my own batch with my father, a tradition I intend to keep forever.

Q: What have you been up to since retiring from bobsled? 
A: I took a couple different sales jobs, but realized that was not the career path I wanted. To replace the athletic itch, I enjoy Crossfit. The gym is a fantastic community and the workouts are extremely challenging and rewarding, and I think I will attempt competing in the sport soon. 

Q: Why did you decide to start your business, and where do you see the business in the future?
A: Not sure with what I wanted to do, I met the right business partner and went after my entrepreneurial endeavors. I believe the business will grow, but we intend to keep it at no more than 30 employees. A boutique firm specializing in operational consulting, costs and supply chain. Click to learn more.

Q: Is there anything you'd like to share that our audience may not know, like favorite food, quirky talents, etc.?
A: I was the 2014 Mr. Texas. Before bobsledding I was a competitive bodybuilder and won the Texas State Championship. I held the Massachusetts Division I High School State record in the hurdles for over a decade, something I'm very proud of. I enjoy eating everything on a grilled sea bass. I'll even suck its spine. I played trumpet most of my life and considered playing for the Army after my time in combat, but ultimately decided not to make the Military a career. I love wine! Drink responsibly.