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Catching up with Cory Butner

Oct. 06, 2020, 1:16 p.m. (ET)

Catching up with 2014 Olympian Cory Butner
Cory competed for Team USA as a bobsledder from 2007-2014. Where is he now? Find out in our latest Q&A:

Q: Is there a moment in your sliding career that is your most memorable?
A: There were so many great moments in my sliding career, but the one moment that stands out is walking into the arena for opening ceremony at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. I was wide eyed and had a big smile on my face- it finally clicked that all the long days, extra trips down the tracks, top 5s, crashes, driving from track to track, hours spent on video review and so much more that went into a single one minute run gave me the opportunity to represent the greatest country on the the planet... USA!

Q: What about a moment that you're most proud of?
A: 9/11/2012, two-man World Cup bobsled race in Lake Placid. Chuck Berkeley and I had our first World Cup race together in my first full season as a driver on the World Cup circuit and we finished second to our teammates Steven Holcomb and Steve Langton. After the race Chuck looked at me and in typical Chuck B fashion said, “Well, ok then, you can drive.” It was an exciting day for us and he and I went on to have many top five finishes together in two-man.

Q: Is there one thing you miss most?
A: I don’t have just one thing because there were so many great times, but three things that are very close on the list that I miss the most are:
1: The time spent with the boys traveling, lifting, racing, and enjoying some cold beers along the way.
2: The one minute of peace you get while driving, not worrying about anything but searching for that perfect run.
3: Being able to represent the USA in one of the greatest sports on ice.

Q: One thing you miss least?
A: Being broke.

Q: How did you get into bobsled?
A: Well to make a long story short... unlike most of my teammates who came from college sports, in 2007 after being home visiting family, my sister was talking about bobsled and try outs. Later that night I was out with my friends and went home and filled out an application online to try out. I showed up to a push camp in April of 2007 and the rest is history.

Q: If you had to describe the sport to someone who doesn't know about it, how would you describe it?
A: A bunch of big dudes who aren’t done competing in their athletic careers who love this country, hugging each other for a minute, one trip at a time at 80+ mph.

Q: If you could give one piece of advice to athletes entering the sport, what would it be?
A: Be prepared to sacrifice a lot to get to the level needed to be competitive. Hard work in the gym, long nights at the track, and a lot of focus and dedication is a must. But the moment you walk into that stadium, everything good and bad you have experienced becomes the reality that you made it.

Q: What's happened in your life since retiring?
A: Since retirement I have moved away from my home state of California to North Carolina. I dabbled in Legend Car racing just to satisfy that adrenaline need and now work in Med Device Sales for a great company. My life is full of fun and craziness with two dogs, two kids, and my amazing lady Marilyn.

Q: Can you tell us something that not many people know about you?
A: Well... my life is always an open book... but I guess the one thing not many know at this moment is, I’m unretired and would like to see if I still have what it takes to compete. Stay tuned.