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Q&A with Austin Florian

July 27, 2020, 8:08 p.m. (ET)

Q&A with Austin Florian

Austin Florian is a graduate of Clarkson University, where he was a competitive alpine skier. He graduated in 2016 as a mechanical engineer, and didn't commit to skeleton until after he finished school. The 26-year-old is eager to progress in the world of skeleton, and looking forward to the upcoming season.

Q: How were you exposed to skeleton? 
A: While doing alpine skiing at Clarkson University, I was in Lake Placid and saw a flyer for a skeleton combine, so I took a chance, tried it, and thought it was cool. I always knew about skeleton, but never thought I would be where I am at now.

Q: What's your favorite track?
A: Whistler is my favorite track, followed by Altenberg and Lake Placid.

Q: What obstacles did you face on the journey to where you are now?
A: When at Clarkson, I really had a full plate. I would travel to Lake Placid twice a week to slide, on top of a full course load as a full time student and collegiately competing on the alpine ski team.

Q: What does a typical warm up routine look like?
A: Listening to a lot of music as I am able to utilize it to remove myself from the commotion and fans at different events. I like chill rock, something that I can sing to.

Q: What are your most proud of from your career to this point?
A: Although my career has just started, I would say my first season of World Cup– I had a handful of top 10 finishes after being injured coming into the season and finished with a national championship title. That was something special.

Q: How have you managed training with COVID 19? 
A: To be honest, it has not affected my training too much as I've had a safe place to train, but like everyone else you need to be able to adapt. I will continue grinding and keep pushing myself after a disappointing season last year. I cannot be complacent and am even more dedicated to continue my search to be better.

Q: What does life after skeleton look like for you?
A: Well I don't see that happening for another 6-10 years, but I do have a degree in mechanical engineering and work in the summers. I will either probably end up in Vermont or out west.

Q: Favorite sport/athlete?
A: I love staying active, mountain biking, and fly fishing to just name a few. I also have a passion for cars. My favorite athlete is absolutely Bode Miller. He was really an inspiration to me growing up.

Q: Favorite cheat food?
A: I would have to say ice cream.

Q: Favorite place you've been?
A: Whistler is one of the coolest places I have ever been and the town itself is incredible as well. As well as St. Moritz since it is the ski town of all ski towns.

Q: What is one interesting thing a lot of people don't know about you?
A: To be honest, I am a pretty open book, but when I was in middle school, I started my own company for ski repairs and rentals.