Behind the scenes with Elana Meyers Taylor

Aug. 04, 2019, 9:01 a.m. (ET)

Behind the scenes with Elana Meyers Taylor



Elana Meyers Taylor is a legend in the making. At just 34, she's already earned three Olympic medals and two World Championship titles, she serves as the president of the Women's Sports Foundation, and has paved the way for gender equality in bobsled. She doesn't plan on slowing down, and we'll get a peek behind the scenes of her busy life this week when she takes over the key to the USABS Instagram stories. Learn more about Meyers Taylor:


Q: How long have you been competing in bobsled?

A: 12 years I think.


Q: What sports did you participate in before bobsled? How did those sports help prepare you for sliding?

A: Softball, basketball, track, and soccer. They each helped in their own way but they taught me resiliency and how to work as a team. Softball taught me reaction time. :)


Q: What's your favorite memory from your rookie year?

A: Getting to come back to Lake Placid after my first season of World Cup where everything was broken down and I started to understand bobsled. Those times in Lake Placid after the competitive season, but still on ice, were crucial for my development.


Q: Who have you learned the most from in this sport and what was their best lesson?

A: Hard to just name one- Nic Taylor, Sepp Plozza, Stu McMillan, Steve Holcomb, and Brian Shimer They still all constantly remind me that it’s not that serious and just remember to enjoy it.


Q: What are your goals for the 2019-2020 season?

A: Win World Championships.


Q: What's your favorite track and why?

A: St. Moritz because I got engaged there and have won every year for the last 4 years.


Q: Do you work or are you currently going to school? If so, where?

A: InstaViser


Q: What's your hometown?

A: Douglasville, Ga


Q: What's your favorite thing about your hometown?

A: It’s small enough to still feel like home but big enough to have your favorite spots that aren’t crowded.


Q: What's your favorite memory of your family, and/or your favorite family tradition?

A: Every Christmas we all go pajama shopping together.


Q: Who has had the most positive impact on your life? How?

A: Nic Taylor- he’s the most optimistic person I’ve ever met and he helps me put life in perspective. Everything I do is so much better because I get to share it with him. It’s like there was life before Nic and I’m living my best life now with Nic.


Q: What is something you're terrible at but wish you could do well?

A: Know my left from right.


Q: What is something you never thought you'd be able to do until you actually did it?

A: Taekwondo 


Q: What is something you never thought you'd be able to do until you actually did it?

A: Work at the aquarium with actual marine biologists.


Q: What is something you've done that you recommend everyone do?

A: Travel the world with whomever you plan on marrying before you marry them.


Q: What is the greatest physical pain you've ever felt?

A: Achilles tear and then competing through it.


Q: What book, movie or video game had the best ending?

A: The Hate U Give- the book not the movie.


Q: What expensive thing is absolutely worth the money?

A: Upgrading to first class on long flights.


Q: Anything else you'd like people to know about you?

A: I played rugby 7s with the US national team for a short time. I love spending time with my nieces and nephews more than anything- I’ve got 7 now but only 3 have been to a bobsled race.