Uhlaender and Antoine lead USA National Skeleton Championships after day one

March 24, 2017, 1 p.m. (ET)

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Uhlaender and Antoine lead USA National Skeleton Championships after day one

Photo: Greg West

LAKE PLACID, N.Y. (March 24, 2017)- Three-time Olympian Katie Uhlaender (Breckenridge, Colo.) and Olympic bronze medalist Matt Antoine (Prairie du Chien, Wis.) are the current race leaders after day one of USA Skeleton National Championships in Lake Placid today. Many of the competitors racing today, including Uhlaender and Antoine, are battling jetlag in addition to the steadily falling snow after a 36-hour return trip from PyeongChang, South Korea earlier this week.

“The first day went really well, even though we had some adverse weather,” said Zach Lund, USA Skeleton assistant coach. “They did a nice job maintaining track conditions for a fair race and I think all of the athletes did a really good job. It was good to see a new mix of athletes coming in and pushing the veterans.”

Uhlaender was in third place after a first run of 55.40 seconds, but the team veteran rallied back in heat two with a time of 55.42 seconds to take the lead by 0.27 seconds with a combined time of 1:50.82.

“In PyeongChang I finally got the feeling back for sliding,” Uhlaender said. “Pretty lines aren’t always the fastest. It’s going to the edge of where you’re so out of control you might crash and then reeling it in just a little bit, but I think after my injuries I was hesitant and had to learn to let go again. In PyeongChang my first run was so natural, and I thought that it couldn’t be that easy. So I tried harder in the second run and ended up overdriving. Today I thought to myself, ‘You know what to do, just feel the pressure and do the least amount possible to guide the sled.’”

Annie O’Shea (Port Jefferson Station, N.Y.) put together the second and third fastest runs of the day with times of 55.30 and 55.79 seconds, respectively, to finish today in second place with a total of 1:51.09. Savannah Graybill (Denver, Pa.) was the race leader after a first run time of 55.25 seconds, but she dropped two spots into third after a second heat of 55.88 seconds for a combined time of 1:51.13.

Megan Henry (Roxbury, Conn.) is currently fourth with a two-run total of 1:51.53, followed by Kendall Wesenberg (Modesto, Calif.) in fifth with a combined time of 1:51.86. Gracie Clapp-Taylor (St. Johns, Fla.) rounds out the top six with a time of 1:51.88.

Antoine has a runaway lead of 1.54 seconds over the men’s field after throwing down the two fastest runs of 53.50 and 53.67 seconds for a combined time of 1:47.17. Antoine already has five national championship titles to his name.

“It’s good to come back to Lake Placid and to end the season here,” Antoine said. “We’ve had a really long tour on the road; we’ve been out of the country for three months. I’m looking forward to going home, but it’s nice to come back here and get a few more runs in before next season starts. It would be nice to end the season strong, but for me this is more about early preparation for next year. Next year is when it really counts.”

The next closest competitor was Alex Ivanov (Carlisle, Mass.), who tallied a total time of 1:48.71 after sliding to the finish in 54.39 and 54.32 seconds. Nathan Crumpton (Park City, Utah) is just 0.04 seconds behind Ivanov in third with a combined time of 1:48.75.

Two-time Olympian John Daly (Smithtown, N.Y.) enters tomorrow’s final heats in fourth position with a time of 1:48.80. Mike Rogals (Orwell, Vt.) clocked 1:49.08 for fifth, while Jake Miter (Troy, N.Y.) sits in sixth with a 1:50.08.

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Day one results


Women’s skeleton

1.  Katie Uhlaender 1:50.82 (55.40, 55.42);
2. Annie O’Shea 1:51.09 (55.30, 55.79);
3. Savannah Graybill 1:51.13 (55.25, 55.88);

4. Megan Henry 1:51.53 (55.80, 55.73);
5. Kendall Wesenberg 1:51.86 (55.55, 56.31);
6. Gracie Clapp-Taylor 1:51.88 (55.70, 56.18);
7. Kelly Delka 1:52.31 (55.85, 56.46);

8. Michelle Toukan 1:53.89 (56.88, 57.01);
9. Kristen Hurley 1:53.93 956.65, 57.28);
10. Leslie Stratton 1:53.95 (56.69, 57.26);
11. Megan Dovell 1:54.70 (57.07, 57.63);
12. Mystique Ro 1:56.31 (58.39, 57.92);
13. Melissa Gergel 1:58.26 (59.00, 59.26);
14. April Montoya-Collis 2:05.47 (1:01.39, 1:04.08);


Men’s skeleton
1. Matt Antoine 1:47.17 (53.50, 53.67);

2. Alex Ivanov 1:48.71 (54.39, 54.32);

3. Nathan Crumpton 1:48.75 (54.24, 54.51);

4. John Daly 1:48.80 (53.89, 54.91);

5. Mike Rogals 1:49.08 (54.52, 54.56);

6. Jake Miter 1:50.08 (54.77, 55.31);

7. Austin McCrary 1:50.24 (54.83, 55.41);

8. Austin Florian 1:50.63 (55.04, 55.59);

9. Jimmy Nguyen 1:51.10 (55.20, 55.90);

10. Mike Brandt 1:51.65 (56.28, 55.37);

11. Donny Nadon 1:51.68 (55.35, 56.33);

12. Dakarai Kongela 1:51.69 (55.28, 56.41);

13. Daniel Barefoot 1:52.09 (55.95, 56.14);

14. Alex Rouse 1:52.65 (56.00, 56.65);

15. Mike Terry 1:52.67 (56.20, 56.47);

16. Chris Strup 1:53.37 (56.43, 56.94);

17. Mitchell Jones 1:53.47 (56.12, 57.35);

18. Max Delance 1:53.57 (56.57, 57.00);

19. Jared Firestone 1:54.08 (56.87, 57.21);

20. Luke Favata 1:55.27 (57.44, 57.83);

21. Alex McCrory 1:55.67 (57.14, 58.53);

22. Nicholas Drozd 1:55.96 (59.94, 56.02);

23. Michael Anderson 2:07.62 (1:04.05, 1:03.57);

24. Chris Sandoval 2:14.47 (1:08.44, 1:06.33)



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