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Summer Series: Getting to know Lauren Gibbs

Aug. 11, 2017, 10:42 a.m. (ET)

Photo: Molly Choma.


Throughout the summer leading up to the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea, USA Bobsled & Skeleton is speaking with an athlete each week to get to know more about their careers, personalities and outside interests.

In her three years as a push athlete, Lauren Gibbs has made the national team three times, has a World Championship bronze medal and has pushed four different pilots to eight World Cup medals. She recently took third place at the USA Bobsled National Push Championships — the first step to making the Olympic team for push athletes — last month.

Prior to bobsledding, she was a volleyball team captain at Brown University, from which she earned her Bachelor’s of Art degree with a concentration in Public & Private Sector Organizations, Business and Entrepreneurship. She later attended Pepperdine University, where she received her Master’s in Business Administration.

USA Bobsled & Skeleton caught up with Gibbs as she prepares for USA Bobsled National Team Trials in early October.

USABS: Where did you grow up and what sports did you play as a kid?

LG: I grew up in Los Angeles, California, and I played soccer, volleyball and long jump and triple jump in high school, then went on to play volleyball for Brown in college.

USABS: How did you get into bobsled?

LG: My friend Jill Potter, who’s a 2016 Olympian in rugby, mentioned it to me and I did a combine in Colorado Springs, followed by a rookie camp in Lake Placid.

USABS: What are you up to this offseason?

LG: Working on getting faster and more explosive. I'm tracking more for training this offseason than I have in the past to make sure I'm getting everything I need to be ready for Olympic year. I’m also working on plans for my post athlete life. I would like to get into public speaking.

USABS: What do you wish people knew about your sport?

LG: That it is more work than it looks, requires a lot of time away from family and friends and that it is a lot of fun!

USABS: What’s your favorite sliding memory?

LG: There are so many it is hard to pick, but I would have to say my first trip in a bobsled.

USABS: Best piece of advice you've received (either as an athlete or in life)?

LG: Work hard and go after what you want in life.

USABS: What is something that fans of the sport might not know about you?

LG: I love to sing but I usually get hit with stage fright.

Lightning round:

USABS: What actor would play you in a movie?

LG: I'd play myself — no one can do Lauren Gibbs like I can!

USABS: Which USABS athlete would win an arm wrestling contest?

LG: Hakeem [Abdul-Saboor].

USABS: Who’s your celebrity crush?

LG: I don't have one but I am accepting applications.

USABS: What’s your favorite food?

LG: All of the above. Just kidding. Kind of. If I have to pick an all-time favorite, it would be Greek food.

USABS: If you could pick one superpower, what would it be?

LG: To fly or push a bobsled faster than anyone.

Be sure to follow Gibbs on Twitter and Instagram @lagibbs84!

Kristen Gowdy, USABS Media and Marketing Assistant,, (719) 722-0522