Composition of "Walk of Fame Plaza" Committee

1.1.  1- Chairperson and 1- USAB Board Member appointed by USAB President.  Also, 5- regional directors or appointments, and 4-former Walk of Fame inductees (2 female and 2 male) preferably from different eras, gender, and regions appointed by committee chair when possible.

1.2.  Committee members and regional directors may be removed from the SC for in-activity prior to the committee's nominations.  If the problem arises after the nomination process has begun,  then the member would be replaced immediately after the induction ceremony and the new member serves on the next year's committee.

1.3.  The chairperson's vote (1) is equal to committee votes and will be cast whenever the committee is asked to vote.


2.1.  Nominations are to be held every two years, example, 2008, 2010, etc. , and only if there are qualified candidates.

2.2.  WOF Plaza candidates are inducted from one of 4 categories: Athletics, Coaches, Service and/or Court Official. Those candidates whose careers include consideration as an athlete, coach, service or court official shall be considered/evaluated for their most prominent role.

2.3.  Senior or junior athletic performance or titles are not to be considered.

2.4. Athletes may be nominated if deceased.

2.5. Athletes must be retired from adult national/international competition for a minimum of 8 years. 

2.6. During the years of competition, service or coaching, all nominees must have been a member of USA Badminton, or member of one of the USA previous organizations, and a resident or USA citizen for a minimum of 4 years.

2.7. Only USA Badminton records may be submitted and used for comparisons.  Only individual or team records earned while representing USA Badminton may be submitted.

2.8. Candidates who are not selected may be resubmitted the following year.

2.9. The SC may withdraw a candidate's name from consideration for actions which do not support USA Badminton's ideals, or is detrimental to the future of the sport or organization.  The SC must cast a vote to withdraw a nomination. A majority of votes (6) is needed to remove a name.


3.1. Candidates must be retired from US national and international competition for a minimum of eight (8) years.

3.2. Athletic records earned prior to immigration to USA are not to be considered or listed on nomination resumes.  Only records where candidate represents USA as individual or team member are to be listed.

3.3. Nominations should include a list of records from any or all the following areas:  Minimum of 3- US National Titles, years and events; Thomas/Uber Cup teams, years; US Open Championships titles (gold, silver or bronze), years and events; World Championships, rounds of 16 or better; Pan American Games (gold, silver, or bronze) medals; Olympic Games, qualifying and medals; International Championships (gold, silver or bronze); list any other USA athletic awards or honors. Nominations should not be based on one performance/record. You may submit a brief case for nomination.

3.4. Administrative positions, coaching honors or court official records are not to be considered.


4.1. Coaching candidates must have been an active coach in the USA for at least (10) years, and be 55 years old at the time of nomination.  You may submit a brief case for nomination.

4.2. List coaches' USA records/dates from any or all the following categories:

Olympic Games, USA National Coach, Thomas/Uber Cup team, and/or other USA international teams. Junior coaching records may be included: list records, athletes coached, win/loss records and specific coaching positions; list adult athletes coached; and coaching awards or honors.

4.3. Coaches' personal athletic records, administrative positions, or court official records are not to be considered.


5.1. Service candidates such as directors, officers, administrators, or court officials must have been an active part of USA service for at least (10), and be 55 years old at the time of nomination.

  • Briefly discuss or list USA Badminton service, contributions, or positions either as volunteer or administrator; IBF service or appointments as they relate to USA development, regional positions and contributions; USA regional/national/international honors or awards; discuss special projects the candidate was involved with and its impact upon USA Badminton; list Court Officials' level of certification and assignments. You may submit a brief case for nomination.


6.1. Each member of the "Walk of Fame Plaza" committee shall select up to a maximum of 8 (4 female and 4 male) candidates who meet the eligibility criteria and requirements.

6.2. When submitting the nomination ballot, the WOF committee member must list records, dates, and any other substantiating data that allows for a comparison of candidates.

6.3. "Walk of Fame" Selectors' Committee is not required to nominate candidates.  However, the committee member must forward an email or FAX to National Office stating, "I HAVE NO NOMINATIONS!"

6.4. Each committee member is to FAX or E-mail his or her selections to USA Badminton Office.  List names alphabetically by gender, category nominated, and include all personal records for each candidate. Do not use US mail or telephone!

6.5. Member of Selector's Committee shall not contact other members of the committee for campaign purposes.


7.1. Each committee member may vote for a maximum of 4 women and 4 men from the first ballot.

7.2. Candidates from all three categories (athlete, coach, service, or court officials) are to be placed on the same ballot and voted against one another.

7.3. To win the FIRST BALLOT and advance to the FINAL BALLOT, candidates must receive at least half of the votes from the committee's responses. Example: 8- SC members vote, candidate must receive 4 or more votes. If 9- SC members vote, candidate must receive 5 or more votes.

7.4. If candidates do not receive a minimum of one half of the committee's responses from the first ballot, names will be eliminated from the next ballot.  If no one advances, the year's voting process will be concluded.

7.5. Fax or e-mail the four choices to the national office. Do not send to Chairperson or use US Mail! 


8.1. National Office sends out final ballot.

8.2. Each SC member is to select his or her top (1) female from the ballot and top (1) male candidate from the ballot.

8.3. Forward a note to the national office if you are not casting a vote.


9.1. Candidates are inducted when the following two processes occur:

  • When six or more SC committee members vote. If less than six SC vote, the induction voting will be invalid and not go forward until the following year.
  • When the top candidate on the men's list, and top candidate on the women's list ranks 1st on more than half of the committee's ballots. If candidates receive less than half of the committee's votes, there will be no induction for the year.

9.2. Candidates who do not earn enough votes to be inducted from the final ballot will automatically be carried over to next year's first ballot. A name appearing on the final ballot may be carried over only three (3) consecutive years; after that time the name must be resubmitted as a first ballot nominee. 


10.1. SC members are the only people who can change policy.

10.2. Changes in policy are to be submitted after the induction balloting and forwarded to the committee chairperson and the national office.

10.3. Chairperson is to compile changes and distribute to committee.

10.4. A change in policy becomes effective the following calendar year.  A simple majority is needed to change policy.


11.1. The "Walk of Fame Plaza" is located on the sidewalk at the entrance of the Orange County Badminton Club in Orange, CA.

11.2. Inductees' tiles are to be placed randomly in Plaza area. Former "Hall of Fame" Inductees (minimum of one each, one female and one male per year) will be selected at random as funds become available.

11.3. USA Badminton Board may relocate the Plaza if the club closes or moves.  USA Badminton has sole rights to all records, tiles, marquee, plaques and other pertinent material related to "Walk of Fame Plaza."


12.1. Collect, compile, and distribute all nominations, ballots and data from committee members.

12.2. Distribute ballots and nominations instructions to SC by FAX and/or EMAIL. Do not use US mail!

12.3. To assure proper procedure national office shall consult chairperson prior to distribution of ballots.

12.4. The secretary in National Office, along with supervision of Executive Director, will tabulate final ballot results, FAX or e-mail results to "Walk Of Fame Plaza" Committee Chair.

12.5. The final results are to be forwarded by the Chair to all SC members and USA Badminton President prior to releasing the results to the general membership.

12.6. "Walk Of Fame Plaza" donations: The National Office will collect and log donations, place the funds in a special "Walk Of Fame Plaza" account, pay all bills for services rendered, and mail a follow up "thank you" to all donors.

12.7. The National Office, with the help of the "Walk Of Fame Plaza" chairperson, will archive "WALK OF FAME PLAZA" records.

12.8. National Office, along with the chairperson, will compare and update sponsors' and patrons' list, and make sure lists are placed on the Web page and printed in the following event programs: US Adult Nationals, US Open, and Junior Nationals whenever possible.


13.1. A formal induction ceremony, when necessary, is to be held in conjunction at either US Adult Nationals, US Open, or at appropriate event.