Only tournaments sanctioned by USA Badminton that used Tournament Software will be included in the ratings. As this is a new program, USAB does not yet have the results from every tournament, but will keep updating as information is collected.

Ratings allow you to compare yourself and how you stack up to other players who play in sanctioned tournaments. Ratings will be updated after information is received from the Tournament.

Levels are as follows:
2.0 – Novice level 1
2.5 - Novice level 2
3.0 - Intermediate level 1
3.5 - Intermediate level 2
4.0 - Intermediate level 3
4.5 - Advanced level 1
5.0 - Advanced level 2
5.5 – Elite level 1
6.0 – Elite level 2 

Remember, you must be a current member in order to be on the Ratings list, so if your membership has expired, renew it now HERE. Improvements will be made on an ongoing basis. 
Rankings for USAB Elite Athletes who play internationally as well as Juniors will remain the same.