Just as we focus on selecting adult and junior high performance athletes for Team USA events, we also give the same level of importance into the selection of high performance coaches particularly for USA teams.  Our goal is always to assemble the best possible coaching staff for appropriate programs. 

Current High Performance Coach Pool Members 
Andy Chong – Level 4 High performance Coach
Ben Lee – Level 4 High Performance Coach
Cai Zin Min – Level 4 High Performance Coach
Halim Haryanto Ho - Level 4 High Performance Coach
Ignatius Rusli – Level 4 High Performance Coach
Joohyun Lee – Level 4 High Performance Coach
Rudy Gunawan – Level 4 High Performance Coach

Tony Gunawan - Level 4 High Performance Coach


High Performance Coaching Pool Definition
The High Performance Coach Pool  (HPCP) is a group of coaches who assist USAB in matters pertaining to high performance athlete and coach development. The HPCP is appointed by USAB primarily to:
  • Lead, organize, provide technical, tactical and administrative support to the assigned athletes.
  • Provide technical, strategical, and feedback to the Director of Coaching & High Performance(DCHP), Coaching Advisory Group (CAG) and the High Performance Advisory Group where relevant.
  • Work with the DCHP, High Performance Advisory Group (HPAG) and the Junior Advisory Group (JAG) in Talent Identification and Talent Development Programs.
  • Work with the DCHP in athlete development projects.
  • Work with DCHP in coach development projects.
Selection Criteria
The mission of all USAB HP programs is to develop the talents and potential of its athletes and coaches,as well as enable them the best opportunity to grow, develop and improve. 

The HPCP coaches  are selected based on the following criteria and/principles:

1. Professionalism

  • Current USAB member of good standing
  • USAB Certified Coach
  • Successfully pass a USAB approved background check.
  • Have signed the USAB Coaches Code of Ethics and Conduct.
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen, permanent resident and/or legally working in the USA
  • Professional Integrity and Character
  • Ability to cooperate and work with other team members, athletes, parents (where relevant)

2. Performance Ability

  • Coaching and Teaching Ability
  • Game Knowledge - Technical and Tactical Proficency
  • Coaching experience internationally as a head coach or assistant coach in the World Championships, Thomas Cup, Uber Cup, Sudirman Cup, Pan American Games (or equivalent Continental Championships), or Olympic Games.
  • Experience internationally as a player in the World Championships, Thomas Cup, Uber Cup, Sudirman Cup, Pan American Games (or equivalent Continental Championships), or Olympic Games.

3. Leadership Qualities
The HPC must has sufficient experience and track record for the USAB to believe that the HPC can:

  • have a positive athlete-coach relationship with elite players
  • develop a positive environment that will lead to a united and motivated Team
  • deal with the media, organizers, sponsors, parents, other coaches and technical officials
  • manage an emergency situation

4. Gender and Ethnicity

While USAB aims to support gender equity and multi-ethnicity in coaching, USAB proritizes its aim to identify the best coaches irrespective of gender or ethnicity who can provide the best services for talented athletes.

5. Coach Development

  • Coaching and teaching ability
  • Game knowledge
  • Ability and motivation to be involved in coach development

6. Location

  • HPC should ideally be located where many talented athletes reside
  • HPC should ideally be accessible to potential athlete training camp sites