Current Members
Nibu Paul – USAB Certified Coach
Abi Bautista - USAB Certified Coach
Carl Khor -  USAB Certified Coach
Ray Ng - Technical Officials Director on the USAB Board of Directors, National Level Referee
Steve Kearney - Director, Para-Badminton
Rena Wang – AAC rep for the USOC
Amy Burnett - Para-Badminton Athlete rep

USAB High Performance Advisory Group

Terms of Reference

The High Performance Advisory Group 
The High Performance Group [HPAG] is a group of individuals who assist the Director of Coaching & High Performance [DCHP] in matters pertaining to high performance athlete development 

HPAG Membership Term

  • The HPAG Membership Term of Service is until December 1, 2019.
  • The DCHP has the authority to extend the services of the HPAG members for additional terms.

Designation Appointment

  • HPAG membership is a voluntary position.
  • Individuals who accept the appointment to the HPAG shall confirm appointment in writing.
  • All appointments will be until December 1, 2019 and HPAG member services may be extended.
  • The DCHP shall reserve the right to invite other individuals whom he deems may be able to  contribute to the development of athletes and/coaches.
  • The DCHP has the discretion to invite non-HPAG members as consultants for specific projects but they may not have the privy to all HPAG current matters in discussion.
  • A HPAG member may discontinue his/her service by notifying the DCHP with a four (4) week notice in writing in order that a replacement may be appointed .
  • Members may also be replaced at any time at the discretion of the DCHP before the completion of his/her term of service.
  • The CEO shall be included for consultation and invited for HPAG meetings as and when necessary.

HPAG Specific Roles

  • Provide feedback and advice as and when required for matters pertaining to High Performance.
  • Provide feedback and advice on Athlete Selection Procedures, Team USA Trials
  • Provide feedback and advice and or collaborate with the Junior Advisory Group [JAG] pertaining to Athlete Selection, Junior International Trials, coach appointments for junior high performance events, etc
  • Provide feedback and advice as and when required for matters pertaining to USAB Coach Development Program.
  • Provide feedback and advice on coach selection for USAB high performance teams, tours, camps and projects

HPAG Delivery Approach

  • The HPAG will endeavor to organize at least one face-to-face meeting per year. If an advisory group member is unable to attend a meeting, he shall endeavor to communicate this action by email or by teleconference.
  • Communicate in a timely manner on matters circulated for feedback.

Conflict of Interest
Members of the HPAG must recuse themselves from decision making regarding coach and athlete selection if they have substantial familial or financial interest with the individuals concerned.

HPAG Communication Channel
All members of the HPAG shall:

  • Communicate with DCHP directly on all matters raised, for the HPAG review.
  • Copy all HPAG members in all email correspondence in order to maintain transparency
  • HPAG members shall not divulge discussion matters outside the HPAG membership and USAB office unless permission is granted by the DCHP.

Members of the HPAG understand that all pending deliberations are confidential and shall not be shared with athletes, coaches’ families and members of the public without authorization of the DCHP.


  • USAB shall reimburse for any expenses incurred for attending face to face meetings.
  • All reimbursements shall be made through the DCHP within a 60 day period by completing an expense report.