USA Badminton

SafeSport Background Check Pool (SSBCP)

To ensure the safety of its community, USAB shall conduct a screening background check at least every two years for those individuals it formally authorizes, approves or appoints:

  1. to a position of authority over, or
  2. to have frequent contact with athletes (including, all athlete chaperones),
  3. any non-athlete individual that USAB authorizes to train, stay, or work at an Olympic Training Center, and
  4. other individuals who have regular contact with athletes as determined by USAB in its sole discretion and/or as required by USOC (collectively, the “SafeSport Background Screening Pool” or “SSBCP”).

For purposes of clarification, USAB is considered to formally authorize, approve or appoint an individual in instances where USAB has control over the appointment process. 

In USAB’s discretion on a case by case basis USAB may bypass this background check requirement for those people in the SSBCP who are under 18 years of age.

As to members of the SSBCP newly taking a role, USAB requires background screening prior to contact with athletes begins, and in any event within forty-five (45) days of the commencement of the new role.

USAB will track all SSBCP background screening and perform periodic checks to ensure compliance with this Policy.

No less than annually, USAB will publish on its website the categories of individuals in the SSBCP. 


  • USAB Staff 
    • USAB staff who intend to be involved in any USAB sanctioned tournaments or in positions of authority over athletes. This would include any contracted doctors and/or other medical staff secured by USAB.


  • Coaches
    • for all USAB certified coaches to maintain their certification, receive coaching passes to coach in sanctioned junior events and to obtain accreditation to coach at Badminton World Federation (BWF) sanctioned events. 
    • for all non-USAB certified coaches to obtain accreditation to coach at Badminton World Federation (BWF) sanctioned events. 


  • Adult Athletes
    • Any athlete and alternates, training partners and guides 18 years of age or older selected by the USAB to participate in a national or international team or Delegation Event as well as selected to train at any Olympic Training Center or Site, or Delegation Event Training Site


  • Technical Officials 
    • USAB certified Technical Officials (see below) who intend to be involved in any USAB and BWF sanctioned tournaments.
      • Referees - BWF/PABC, National, and Regional
      • Umpires – International (BWF/PABC), National, and Regional
      • Line Judges – International and National


  • Team Officials 
    • USAB members who intend to accompany any USAB Teams or athletes as USAB approved Team Officials such as Team Managers and Chaperones.


  • Tournament Officials
    • Tournament Directors
    • Deputy Tournament Directors

  • Others
    • Club Owners
    • Club Administrators