Pan Am Games 2019

Sept. 04, 2019, 2:30 p.m. (ET)

The 2019 Para-Pan Am Games in Lima were a great experience for athletes U.S. Para-Athletes Amy Burnett, Eric Johnson and Miles Krajewski, concluding with a silver medal for Krajewski.

Here is an overview of the tournament from Lima from U.S. Head Coach, Dean Schoppe:

Landing in Peru late, we were greeted by people from USOPC and the transportation was streamlined to the village where we were assigned our rooms in record time. We went to bed and assembled the next morning (same calendar day) as a team. 

From the moment we started our orientation and getting settled in, the degree of professionalism was apparent. The USOPC people were great from the first to the last minute.

The volunteers from Peru were also great and so numerous that no stone was ever left unturned. We were treated as well as I have ever experienced. 

Security was very good and Aaron, who was assigned to our sport, was so very helpful. 

The medical and training personnel were outstanding and readily available throughout the week. 

The transportation to and from the venue and village was outstanding. Buses were available at most times and specifically available for badminton based on our times. 

The practice hall was very well appointed with no issues for finding court time and with excellent security for the players equipment. 

The main hall was very good and when we insisted, our players were granted time in the morning of the first day to practice prior to competition. 

Match control and entry and egress were very professional and well planned and executed. 

The officiating was good overall, and the lines people were very good with very few questionable calls throughout the week. 

I cannot say enough about how professional and competent the organizers of our event, and the entire Para Pan Am Games were. This event was outstanding in every way. 

Our team’s performance on court was very good in general. 

Amy had a tough group but had very good moments and almost pulled out a win in her 5/6 match. She could have won that match and I expect she will improve going forward by improving her chair movement and by learning to win matches which will require finding an opponent or two in a chair in her training. 

Eric had a slow start in his first match but settled in and played his best badminton in his match versus Raul, who was the gold medalist. Had Eric not had the leg injury prior to his 5/6 playoff he would have prevailed in that match. He will improve overall by improving his use of the hand/grip. 

Miles had a good competition. He played his best badminton in the gold match, but his recovery to excellence in the semifinal was more impressive from a mental standpoint. I think that helped him be confident in the finals. His let down was the pool play against Wyatt. He looked past the match and assumed that he would win. He responded after losing the first game by listening and changing strategy for the rest of the championships. 

Yuko was outstanding in her role as team manager and assisting in the chair. She is the consummate professional and is so well suited for this position. 

Overall, everyone preformed great, everyone!