International Coaching Enrichment Certificate Program

By Andy Tirtohadi, HP1 Coach | Nov. 15, 2019, 5:09 p.m. (ET)

On May 3, 2019, USAB distributed the information about the ICECP Program. Andy Tirtohadi applied directly to the USOPC and was accepted to represent USA Badminton later in May.

Here is a recap of the event in the words of Mr. Andy Tirtohadi, USA Badminton HP 1 Coach:

It was my honor to represent USA Badminton in such a wonderful program.

From the moment I arrived at the USOC facility until the end of the day, I discover outstanding program and different level of experience. The staff here so friendly and very resourceful (Kenzie, Aubrey, Carolyn, Dr Matthew, Jeff and many more).

For 2 weeks, we learned about sport science, nutrition, mindset, coach and athlete development, thought process, planning and other sport training that you can incorporate within your sports.

It was eye opening for me and I can bring this experience back to my club and NGB, USAB, on how the process athlete development structure can be built and infused for Junior National and Adult National team. I encourage other Team USA coaches to participate in this USOC program.

Once again thank you ICEPC and USAB for supporting me in this program.