Team USA Reactions to the U15 World Badminton Shonai Invitational 2019

July 17, 2019, 12:29 p.m. (ET)

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Ray Ng -USA team did well. Natalie and Daniel got Bronze medal. Adrian got 5/8, Kalea in the 9-16 bracket elimination fought all the way to her final and got 10th place. Lost to the 2nd seed Indonesian player.

The award ceremony was very formal. There was a raffle, presentation of awards, official photo shooting, interview etc. players and audience were interacting together. Young Japanese fans asking these players to sign autographs (even on their shirts!) and the team finished off going to dinner at a local Japanese restaurant. It’s really a blessed opportunity for all of us to be here experiencing this well run tournament.

Kalea Sheung -
This was a unique experience and my first time competing in Asia. Getting to compete with/meet players from Malaysia, Japan , Denmark, Germany, Indonesia, Thailand, and France was very different from my 6 years competing in Pan American Jr Championship. The hospitality was outstanding and I’m very grateful for this opportunity. I hope next year a new group of US juniors can also have this same opportunity to compete. Thank you to Ray Ng, coach Ricel, coach Charles, all the parents, and my teammates.

Adrian Mar -
This year’s Shonai Invitational for a World Badminton u15 was a great experience for me to meet new players and experience all different kinds of playing styles. It was really different than playing with the players in the US. Everybody was very well prepared, and each match was a hard one. Coming into this tournament I really just wanted to experience the outside world of badminton and do my best in the tournament. Coming out of the tournament, it was a really great experience which was just just a great opportunity to play against other players from around the world, but also it was really fun to be able to talk and socialize with the other players from other countries and make new friends.
Daniel Bielin -
The World Badminton U15 Shonai Invitational 2019 was my first international tournament outside of the Pan Am region. Playing against the top players from different countries was definitely challenging. However, I now know what skills I need to improve in order to compete at an international level. I also really enjoyed talking with the other players and learning about their backgrounds. It's amazing that badminton allows me to instantly connect with so many different people from all over the world.
Natalie Chi -
This tournament was a great experience for me because I had the chance to compete with top players around the world in my age group. During the tournament, I observed how each athlete had a different style of playing badminton. I enjoyed communicating with other players about their badminton lifestyles. Overall, the tournament was well-organized and made everyone feel welcome so that we could perform well during the matches. By being on court with other top players, I saw what I needed to improve and what I could do to become a better badminton player. I am grateful that this tournament brought together players from different backgrounds and allowed us to learn from each other. 

Tournament results can be viewed HERE.