International Federation Delegate Report May 22

By RUI WANG | July 02, 2019, 2:24 a.m. (ET)

International Federation Delegate Report May 22, 2019

Pan Am AGM and BWF AGM

I attended the Pan Am AGM and the BWF AGM held May 22, and May 23-24 in Nanning, China.

The Pan Am AGM held on May 22nd opened with the current President, Vishu Tolan giving a review of the past 4 years. The increase in number of countries joined or will be joining, the increase in budget, the growth of the Pan Am office and how Pilar and the office staff are doing wonderful work in growing the Pan Am region. He took time to detail out the banking issues/rumors that have been circulating. He stated that he has explained many times to this body the reason for the different banking the comes from the BWF giving the confederation funds. This is a legal process and they brought a lawyer from Lima who has helped the Pan Am Confederation be recognized in Lima as a legal organization that will change the current arrangement.

He also recognized that the BWF had 2 scrutineers in the room for the voting.

After roll call there was review of Financial statements, the budget, and Executive report.


Voting was organized by the BWF where each country with a vote were called up, given a piece of paper and to write the name of the candidate on that piece of paper, put in a bowl and the next country were called up to do the same.

Vishu Tolan defeated Francisco Ferraz 16 to 12

Anil Kaul defeated Donald Paiz Aguilar for Deputy President

Francisco Orozco defeated Mario Gustavo Lock for VP North America

Jose Gabriel Del Busto defeated Jose Armando Bruni Ochoa VP Central America

Generoso Castillo defeated Robert Michael Richards for VP Caribbean after 3 attempts

Bonzalo Mario Castillo Guzman defeated Sandra Moreno Cruz for VP South America


Many were proposed and 3 were voted on:

  1. Voted to change Official Language – “The official language of the Confederation will be the English language and Subsidiary Spanish.”
  2. Change to sending out Agenda – “The entire agenda must be sent at least 30 days before to the date fixed to played at the AGM. Notice of General Meeting must be sent at least 7 weeks before the date fixed for said Meeting.”
  3. Financial Statements – “The Executive Committee is obligated to annually circulate financial statement to member countries during the AGM.”

Meeting ended with next meeting at Thomas & Uber Cup in 2020.

BWF Annual General Meeting May 23-24, 2019


Meeting started with the President’s Remarks – Paul Eric Hoyer Larson addressed the 135 members in attendance of the 191 country members. He emphasized the growth in the sport with tournaments growing every year, Funding is strong, and he is thankful for office staff of 42 that are working hard to promote badminton in the world. He is very proud of all countries on what the hard work they are doing promoting and having events in their countries. He showed videos of BWF events and how professionalism is part of the sport. He spoke about Shuttletime and how it is growing and now AirBadminton, the new outdoor game. Videos were shown. Big thanks to HBSC and Total for their sponsorships as well as all the sponsors. Videos were shown to highlight the sponsors.

Thomas Lund then spoke about the events and showed more videos of successful events and how the sponsors keep growing. He spoke about Development, Partnerships with Refugee Agency, AGITOS Foundation delivering the African Para Badminton Legacy Project and Special Olympics.

Thomas spoke about good governance. BWF was ranked fourth of 33 international Federations on good governance practices because of the guidance of the Governance and Ethics Commission.

He stated the Integrity Unit continued to do good work. Past year saw 2 hearings conducted with significant periods of ineligibility imposed.

The Committee Reports were next. Development, Gender Equity, Para, Marketing, Ethics, Finance, Athletes Commission, Communication, Para Athletes Commission and events. Main highlights:

  • BWF developing a synthetic shuttle. Still under development but hope to highlight soon.
  • BadmintonWorld TV has over 800,000 members and growing.
  • BWF Facebook page grew 63%
  • Per Nielson sport, 735 million fans worldwide, 339 million players worldwide.
  • Surplus of 4.7 million in reserve
  • Doubled grants to Continental Confederations
  • I am Badminton, awareness campaign focus on clean and honest players.
  • Research grants connected to Health and Injury prevention
  • Coaches and Administrative development
  • Shuttletime advances worldwide
  • BWF has 4 members that are IOC members
  • Launched an educational resource for line judging and Level 1 umpiring course
  • Invested in project for athletes to learn English to improve how they speak with Media
  • Para Badminton will be in the 2024 Games in Paris
  • BWF awarded International Organization status by Malaysian government. This gives BWF privileges as an IO based in Malaysia including tax exemption

The Council election was then taken. The nominations were conducted for Deputy President for 2 years.

The candidates were:

Zhang Jun - China

Khunying Patama Leeswadtrakul – Thailand

Thailand won the Election by a clear majority

Council Elections were then taken. 5 candidates dropped out before elections. Kinji Zeniya from Japan won by a clear majority.

Other Business were reports from:

  • Membership Application from Kosovo – voted and approved by clear majority
  • Tokyo 2020 Olympic Paralympic presentation with Video
  • Total BWF World Senior Championships 2019 – Poland with Video
  • Total BWF World Championships / Total BWF Para Badminton World Championships 2019 with Video
  • BWF World Junior Championships 2019 – Kazan, Russia with Video
  • Total BWF Thomas & Uber Cup Finals Aarhus, Denmark May 17-24, 2020 with Video
  • BWF World Junior Championships 2020 – Auckland, New Zealand with Video

Next AGM is proposed to be held in May 2020 in conjunction with the Total BWF Thomas & Uber Cup Finals 2020.

We spent the next day in the 9th edition of the BWF Members Forum. We were split up by groups of 10-12 and we had 4 topics the BWF wanted feedback on.

This was run by an outside firm hired by BWF.  The topics this year were:

  • Tournaments / Competitions – Improve the quality and technical delivery of International tournaments
  • Participation – Getting people into Badminton and keeping them in sport
  • Capacity Building – our Members – Developing more effective Organizations, better governance, admin
  • Sport Integrity – Ensuring clean and fair competitions for all athletes

The firm will compile the results, give them to BWF to help them assist with their 2020-2024 Strategic Plan.


Respectfully submitted by – Steve Kearney