Para Badminton Athletes Prepare for World Championships in New York

Aug. 15, 2019, 12:43 p.m. (ET)

Recap of the camp written by and from the prospective of Dean Schoppe:

The camp just completed was very successful. The players all were very focused and open to attempting to improve their strokes and technique. We all worked very hard for the three days of training, myself and Jay (Moose) Cohn included.

It was very tiring for everyone involved even though we did not do much in the way of isolated footwork. Had we done so; we would have wiped out the ability of our athletes to focus on the technical improvement I was hoping to achieve. SS6 players have limitations that we must consider.

We were able to secure the Half Hollows High School West gym for the three days thanks to the help of Patrick Murphy, who is now an admin in the district and also assisted us each day in coaching. 

The courts were good high school courts with only limited height as an issue on two of the six courts at our disposal.

Everyone improved. There was a new player to me, a young man who shows tremendous potential. Roman is his last name and he lives in Connecticut. I hope to find him a place and a person to train with up there as I was able to find Patrick for Jake in New York.

We stressed BETTER serves. We did so by focusing on the technique used by the various players. We had great success.

We stressed getting the shuttle in play. We stressed better deception. All of these were done using direct drills or modified games. 

Moose did a great job. He has worked now with me these last two years and is a very good coach and has become a very proficient and insightful coach and teacher. He also became an immediate mentor to at least one of these players. 

The players took to Patrick as well, he was a junior national champ and was the USA physical education student teacher of the year back in his college years. He has coached and taught for many years and is an excellent para coach.  

When all three of the coaches were there, we were able to really zero in on each of the players issues.