Yonex US Open Draw Released: Mens Singles Breakdown

May 23, 2018, 4:39 p.m. (ET)

The 2018 Yonex US Open draw is officially out. The US Open is one of 11 Super 300 Tournaments throughout the world (and the only one in Pan America). With over 30 countries involved, the Yonex US Open is primed for an incredible tournament with multiple Olympic medalists across all five disciplines.

USA Badminton will be breaking down the stories within each discipline over the course of the next few weeks. The first of a five-part series involves Men’s Singles:

  1. Lin Dan is coming to America
    1. For the first time since the 2005 World Championships – lost in the finals to arch rival Taufik Hidayat – Lin Dan will be coming stateside. The two-time Olympic and five-time World Champion will be looking to add the US Open to his 65 other professional event championships. Super Dan faces world No. 42 Lee Dong Keun in the first round – an opponent he is 9-0 all-time against. Lin Dan is the top-ranked Men's Singles player in the tournament.
  2. First Round - Brice Leverdez vs. Jan O Jorgenson
    1. With a combined 709 victories between the two of them, European powers, Jan O Jorgenson (Denmark) and Brice Leverdez (France) face off in the first round. Jorgenson, the previous No. 2 player in the world (2015), is returning from a heel injury in 2017, which made him miss more than eight months. The five-time BWF Superseries Premier winner recently helped Denmark beat Malaysia in the Thomas Cup Opening Round and is undefeated in his first three overall matches.
    2. Brice, the top ranked player from France and third overall rank in the US Open, has had success at the US Open as the runner up in 2010. Jorgensen is 6-1 all-time, but don’t the record fool you, Brice plays well against top-level competition defeating Lee Chong Wei in two of their past four match-ups.

  3. US Players Advancement
    1. US Men’s Singles Players have seen a Championship drought in the US Open dating back to Jim Poole and 1961. In 2017, Tim Lam was the only American MS to advance to the second round. This year, Olympian Howard Shu (recovered from a finger injury), Tim Lam, and Phillips Jap have all made the draw in qualifying.
  4. Dark Horse Players
    1. Nguyen Tien Minh (Vietnam)– two-time winner (2013-14); One of the most decorated Vietnamese players of all time
    2. Lu Guangzu (China) – Next in a long line of Chinese star badminton players; Australian Open Champion (in qualifying)
    3. Ygor Coehlo (Brazil) – top-ranked PanAm MS; 21 years old;
    4. Mark Caljouw (Netherlands) – No. 3 MS seed in the tournament; Won Orleans Masters 2018; made R16 last year before three-set loss to eventual champion, HS Prannoy; 1-1 against Jan O Jorgensen all-time
    5. Sameer Verma (India)– Won 2018 Swiss Open, current world No. 21; Will be looking to continue the Indian Federation's success at the US Open (H.S. Prannoy 2017 winner)

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Image Courtesy of Getty Images