Miles Krajewski: 2017 Final World Rankings

Feb. 02, 2018, 4:16 p.m. (ET)

Because of the rankings method of the BWF and the strength of continental championship results being carried for two years, Miles remains ranked in the Top Ten in the SS6 Category. The BWF uses the four highest scores (based on placing at the tournament) as the basis for their total points. International tournament results stay on his total for 1 year while Continental and World Championship results stay for 2 years. Miles has scores from the Pan Am Championships (75 pts), Colombia (5), Worlds (2) and Ireland (1) on his total for singles, ranking him 6th worldwide. A win in Men’s Doubles at the USA Tournament helped move him to 6th in Men’s Doubles

Miles’s Rankings (12/21/17)

Men’s Singles—6th

Men’s Doubles—6th

Mixed Doubles—13th