Pan Am Individual Championships Begin Thursday

April 23, 2018, 11:07 p.m. (ET)

Pan Am Championships 2018


More than 100 athletes from 14 countries will converge on Guatemala City, Guatemala this week for the XXII Pan Am Individual Championships 2018, beginning Thursday. The tournament will be played at Teodoro Palacios Flores Arena and feature some of the best badminton players in North and South America.

The United States, along with host Guatemala, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Suriname will battle for the Pan-Am podium.

Of the Americans competing, Bjorn Seguin, Grimaldy Navirio Gunawan, Mathew Fogarty and Ricky Liuzhou will play in men’s singles. Of the 42 women playing singles, Jamie Hsu, Disha Gupta, Jennie Gai and Isabel Zhong will represent the United States. Phillip and Ryan Chew, along with Dean Schoppe and Musashi Cohn, are teaming up as Americans in men’s doubles. The women’s doubles teams for the U.S. include Hsu and Gai, as well as Ariel and Sydney Lee. Finally, the United States will have four mixed doubles teams: Fogarty/Zhong, P. Chew/A. Lee, Liuzhou/Angela Zhang, and R. Chew/S. Lee.

Last year in Havana, Cuba, Ygor Coelho of Brazil won the men’s singles, while Rachel Honderich of Canada took home the gold in women’s singles. The Canadians swept the doubles events, as Jason Anthony Ho-Shue/Nyl Yakura won men’s doubles, Michelle Tong/Josephine Wu won women’s doubles, and Toby Ng/Honderich won mixed doubles. Top finishers among the Americans were Seguin and Jamie Subandhi, who finished 3/4 in men’s and women’s singles, respectively. 


The XXII Pan Am Individual Championships 2018 will feature the new Fixed Height Service law, as announced by the BWF announced earlier this year. The law specifies that the height for the service will be 1.15 meters from the court surface and will begin to be applied in the individual continental tournaments that take place in April 2018.


For the full draw and schedule, visit: HERE